Taurus to Strike Again — Day of the Dead: Epidemic


dode - Taurus to Strike Again -- Day of the Dead: EpidemicWords escape me. Wait. No they don’t. After the cinematic abortion known as Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (review here), I thought, nay, I prayed that the hacks over at Taurus “Entertainment”(!), James Glenn Dudelson, Ana Clavell and company, would have the common decency to leave poor Day of the Dead alone. Alas, they have yet more plans to cash in on that flick’s good name — enter Day of the Dead: Epidemic. Sigh.

Well, at the very least Epidemic is a word — unlike Contagium. Maybe they finally got themselves a spell check! According to the official Taurus website Day of the Dead: Epidemic will be going the cinéma vérité route with pockets of survivors around the world broadcasting their stories. Obviously they couldn’t figure out how to make this friggin’ guaranteed mess any cheaper. Why not shoot it on VHS?

That’s right, kids. Dudelson and company will be shitting out thirteen episodes of trash in the form of a web series hopefully later rather than sooner, but idealistically not at all. Stay tuned for more news, and more venom, should this worthless second shameful cash-in come to life.

Uncle Creepy

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