The Poltergeist Experience – Event Coverage

Creepy clown dolls, seances, Jim Morrison, and Poltergeist – just another Tuesday night in Tinsel Town. At least, that’s what we thought we were in for when we were called into action to cover the release party for the Poltergeist remake’s arrival on Blu-ray. But what we got was… well, read on to find out.

We’d heard a lot about David Oman’s haunted house over the years – and even seen the movie, The House at the End of the Drive, which was filmed there a few years back. But this was our first foray into that freaky foyer.

The Oman House is on Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills, just a few steps away from Hollywood’s most infamous crime scene – the Sharon Tate murder. Oman insists that the victims’ spirits never left and have even invited a few of their departed friends to come at party at his place. Featured on multiple television shows including “Ghost Adventures,” “Paranormal Witness,” and “Larry King Live,” The Oman House has been referred to as “the Mount Everest of haunted houses” and is responsible for many unexplained events including disembodied voices over the intercom, visions of people who quickly disappear, moving objects, ghostly whispers, and more. (“More” is probably Oman’s extensive collection of Jim Morrison and Doors memorabilia and his assortment of footballs on display.)

When we arrived, the eclectic mansion was decked out with Poltergeist posters and there was even a clown doll for journalists and would-be ghost chasers to pose with. Acclaimed paranormal investigator Alejandro Dominguez was our guide through the home, along with homeowner Oman, SRC Paranormal Co-Founder Phillip Pearse, supporting investigators Steve Hembree and Sommer Carter, and psychic Lilia Willis, who led the séances at the end of the evening.

We got to see some of the most bothered areas of the home (which are, where else, in the basement) – including “the little girl’s room,” “the Crow’s nest,” and a mound of dirt inside the home that’s said to contain the remains of a restless Native American spirit. Apparently the groups before ours experienced all kinds of scary sounds and spooky goings-on, but by the time we arrived the spirits were sleepy. Or maybe they were mimes… we didn’t have much luck raising the dead at the séance, either. One freaky thing did happen: The instant we tried to log in to the “Poltergeist Wi-Fi,” our phones went dead… Oooooh!

At least the Poltergeist Blu-ray is full of vim and vigor. The Ghost House release is an action-packed redux directed by Gil Kenan (Monster House) and is produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tappert (Evil Dead). There’s an extended cut, an alternate ending not shown in theaters, and a photo gallery. It’s available now.

Photo Credit: Aaron Kai

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Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

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From the Press Release:
Fox 2000 Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures present POLTERGEIST, from legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Evil Dead, The Grudge) and director Gil Kenan (Monster House). It contemporizes the 1982 classic about a family whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces. When terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and hold the youngest daughter captive, the family must come together to rescue her before she disappears forever.

Kenan directs from a screenplay by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer David Lindsay-Abaire. The film is produced by Raimi and Rob Tapert, p.g.a. (Evil Dead) via Ghost House Pictures, along with Roy Lee, p.g.a. (The Departed). The film is executive produced by J.R. Young (The Grudge 3), Audrey Chon (Changeling), John Powers Middleton (The LEGO® Movie), and Becki Cross Trujillo (Snitch).

POLTERGEIST stars Sam Rockwell (Moon), Rosemarie DeWitt (Rachel Getting Married), Jared Harris (“Mad Men”), and Jane Adams (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

With suspenseful storytelling and jaw-dropping visuals, this electrifying take on a spine-chilling classic will haunt you from its early nightmarish moments to its exhilarating climax!

poltergeist - The Poltergeist Experience - Event Coverage

Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Theatrical Cut in 3D
  • Extended Cut
  • Alternate Ending
  • Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailers

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Extended Cut
  • Alternate Ending
  • Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailers

DVD Special Features:

  • Alternate Ending
  • Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailers

poltergeist blu ray - The Poltergeist Experience - Event Coverage

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