Paul Rodriguez Talks Mixing Horror and Comedy in Gravy


Delivering comedy over the course of his career, Paul Rodriguez has put a multitude of smiles on millions of faces, and his latest role takes him in a slightly different direction (not too far off, however). He takes on the role of Chuy in Paul Roday’s horror/comedy Gravy (review).  He was kind enough to offer up a few moments of his time to talk about the role, and what he’s working on for the future – settle in and enjoy!

DC: Can you give us a look at the film’s storyline and your character, Chuy?

PR: Chuy is a guy that’s working in this restaurant that’s about to close on a holiday, and these people come in, and at first they think it’s a robbery – they’ve been robbed before, no big deal. But it isn’t money they want – they’re hungry, so we offer to cook something up, but it’s not regular food they want – we’re on the menu. The thing that’s frightening about this is that they just look like regular people.

GRAVY Paul Rodriguez arrow - Paul Rodriguez Talks Mixing Horror and Comedy in Gravy

DC: What can you tell us about the filming on-set? It looked like it was a wild time.

PR: Yeah, it was an experience for me – I was the oldest dude on the set, and that hasn’t happened for a long time, and I was surrounded by a lot of talented people. I was impressed by all of their work, and it really forced me to try and keep up with them. If anyone offers you an opportunity to work in a movie with a cast like that, you’ve gotta take it. I admire each and every one of them, and I’d do it in a second.

DC: There have been quite a few good horror/comedies to come out over the past few years – what do you think it is about this movie that people are going to love?

PR: I think that it breaks certain rules – no creepy people, no scary house – it doesn’t look like a horror movie until you’re in it, and you see people tied up and there’s games being played with their lives. Before that, it’s just an ordinary day. People are going about their regular lives, and before you know it, things get very bloody and gory.

DC: Lastly, after the release of Gravy, what else can fans get to see you in?

PR: I hope to get on TV – I’m working on a syndicated show with my kids, and we’re going to talk to a network soon. It’s going to be Cheech Marin, myself, and my kids – three generations, and if everything goes right, we’re hoping to have that going sometime next year.

Gravy - Paul Rodriguez Talks Mixing Horror and Comedy in Gravy

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