Vindictive Video: Watch Insanely Creepy Wrinkles the Clown Sighting


What the shittin’, holy hell, fuck is this?! Previously there have been some sighting of a derelict jester named Wrinkles the Clown in Florida. But there hasn’t been anything like this yet. Check it out!

All the videos of Wrinkles that have been released showed the clown either wandering through a parking lot or standing on the sidewalk. But this one, captured on a security camera, brings the chill factor to an entirely new level as the mysterious figure appears in a child’s bedroom in the middle of the night. Yeah, nightmares forever, we know.

Take a look at the footage below and leave us your take on the matter. Is it a gimmick, a real stalker, or a guy who just can’t get enough of greasepaint and fright wigs? What’s your call? And lick this kink for more Wrinkles the Clown sightings.


Wrinkles the clown

wrinkles the clown



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