See a Sneak Peek of Tonight’s Z Nation Episode 2.01 – The Murphy


“Z Nation” returns tonight on Syfy, and if you’re curious to see how things kick off, then check out a sneak peek of the opening of Episode 2.01, “The Murphy,” featuring Citizen Z himself (DJ Qualls).

And that’s not all… thanks to Hollywood Life, we also have a clip in which Mack (Michael Welch) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova) have reunited and are on the road together in search of their friends.

About “Z Nation” Season 2
Season 2 picks up mere moments after the nukes launch, and it’s everyone for him or herself when the team splits up and tries to outrun the impending blast. Meanwhile, in the Arctic, Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) finds himself battling thawed zombies and unable to communicate with the team. In a desperate attempt to help them out on their quest to get to California and the CDC, Citizen Z issues an on air bounty for Murphy. Suddenly everyone wants a piece of “The Murphy,” including a mysterious and deadly bounty hunter, Vasquez (Matt Cedeño).

This season the team will encounter new zombie varieties – including “Blasters” (mutated by radioactive fallout) and “Phytos” (a zombie and plant hybrid) – face off against a cartel, discover the existence of “Z-Weed,” witness a birth, and more…

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