Karving Out Some Horror


pumpkingkarver - Karving Out Some HorrorIf you really think about it, movie slashers have a lot in common with professional wrestlers. Every decent movie slasher needs a gimmick of some sort to make him stand out. Sure, the slasher could just be an ordinary person in a generic hood of some sort, but for that to work the slasher has to have first-class workrate and there have been very few successful Chris Benoit-style movie slashers. Most need some sort of hook, and I don’t just mean the kind the I Know What You Did Last Summer fisherman used to hack people up. The movie slasher needs a gimmicked persona that makes him not just a menacing killing machine but also a larger than life figure. For example, a slasher that wears a pumpkin mask and kills people on Halloween is a gimmick, albeit a tired one. But what if the modus operandi of the pumpkin-masked killer that strikes on Halloween is to not only slash his victims to death but also to carve their face up like a Jack-O-Lantern? Now you’ve got something.

Enter The Pumpkin Karver.

“… is a feature film based on a story in which a young man is stabbed to death on the evening of October 31, 2003. One year later at a Halloween party, seven people were brutally butchered in a remote location. The victims faces were carved and mutilated beyond recognition. The crime is still unsolved and is currently under investigation.”

Sounds like they’re trying to make it sound as if it’s based on a true story. Heck, maybe it is; I don’t know. All I can tell is what I’ve seen in the trailer available on the Pumpkin Karver The Foywonder

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