Sony Already Preparing the Goosebumps Sequel

Jack Black Goosebumps 1 - Sony Already Preparing the Goosebumps Sequel

The Goosebumps movie doesn’t come out until October 16, but Sony is already preparing the sequel.

Per The Tracking Board, they’re currently looking for a new writer, and Neal H. Moritz will still produce via his company Original Film. Stars Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, and Odeya Rush are signed on. No word yet if director Rob Letterman will return.

The film sees Black playing the series author R.L. Stine, who has to team up with his daughter and her friend after the monsters in his book come to life.

But is planning a sequel at this early stage really the right move? Although the series may have sold 350 million copies and been hugely successful back in the day, its popularity has hugely waned in recent years. Black’s bankability has also declined lately, and the last collaboration between Black and Letterman was the less than stunning Gulliver’s Travels.

Perhaps they should wait and see if the film is a hit before moving ahead with the sequel, eh? After all, Fox set a release date for the sequel to this year’s Fantastic Four before the original was released, and look how that turned out…

goosebumps poster - Sony Already Preparing the Goosebumps Sequel