Alexis Kendra Explains Why She’s The Goddess of Love

We here at Dread Central were lucky enough to snag just a few minutes with Alexis Kendra, the bombshell star of the upcoming girl-done-wrong film Goddess of Love (review), directed by Jon Knautz. Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for Alexis), a traffic jam on the way to the airport where she was departing for FrightFest UK gave us just enough time to toss some questions her way about the film, so settle in and enjoy!

DC: Okay, can you give us a brief outline of the film as well as your character, Venus?

AK: This is a descent into madness – it’s about an emotionally unstable woman named Venus, and she falls madly in love with this man and he breaks up with her, sending her further down this complete spiral into utter psychosis. The film is really about heartbreak at its core – it starts out where she’s already very vulnerable , and then it’s like the straw that broke the camel’s back. It just took that one moment for her to pretty much lose it, and hopefully people enjoy watching a woman lose it over time, so I’m really excited to premiere this at FrightFest.

Love Goddess - Alexis Kendra Explains Why She's The Goddess of Love

DC: Your character really runs the gamut of emotions in the film – where in your own mind did you have to go in order to pull all that stuff out?

AK: As an independent film, I was juggling so many things already, but to answer your question more directly… I’ve had my heart broken, as we all have at some point or another, and I’m sure I will again – I just think it’s part of life that no one can avoid – it’s what songs and movies are written about, and I was really drawn to that message, and I pulled stuff up from old acting classes to old boyfriends – I remember laying on the floor once after a break-up thinking I was going to die, so I went back there to remember that moment, and hopefully it worked.

GoddessOfLove - Alexis Kendra Explains Why She's The Goddess of Love

DC: You’ve acted, written and produced over your career so far – do you have a preferred path? What could you see yourself doing in the long run for the remainder of your career?

AK: That’s a good question – it’s funny because I was like “only an actor!” for the longest time, but now, I can see myself doing all three, and then go into production design as well. I’m no longer going to wait for the phone to ring and audition, and while I have nothing against that, I’m very passionate about young women writing roles for themselves and going out there to do it for themselves, instead of waiting for the phone to ring.

DC: This is a question that I’ve had since I watched the film, and I want your take on it – do you think that Venus was already psychologically damaged, or did all the booze and drugs she did in the film have a large part in it?

AK: You know, the film’s always up for interpretation, and I want anyone to take away with them what they feel, but as the co-writer of the film, we really wanted to have a woman that was already emotionally unstable to begin with. There’s a whole backstory that comes out, and this woman is pretty fragile – she’s definitely not all there, and all the research that Jon and I did for her particular case, a lot of people self-medicate if they’re not on a proper medication for their mental illness. So in our eyes, Venus was really self-medicating rather than taking her meds that she should have been on.

DC: Last one – after the release of Goddess of Love, what can we look forward to from you in the future?

AK: I actually just finished a proof-of-concept that I also wrote and produced called Viper, and Jon directed that as well – it’s a feature and it’s written, so we’re ready to go.

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