Wendt and Todd Find the Love


Seth Landau/Tony Todd between takesEven though we’re always hesitant when it comes to indie horror — we’ve all been burned too many times by too much hype and not enough follow-through — I have to admit there’s something appealing to me about the new film Bryan Loves You from writer/director Seth Landau.

Shot as though it were recovered footage from the site of the actual incident, Bryan Loves You is about a cult who comes to a small Arizona town and takes over, killing anyone they can’t covert to their crazy religion, which obviously has something to do with a guy named Bryan.

I dig cults and their wacky methods, so there was the first bit of interest. The rest stems from the pretty impressive cast they’ve got on board: Tony Todd, George Wendt, Tiffany Shepis, Daniel Roebuck, Bobby Slayton, and even Lloyd Kaufman. It’s really the presence of Wendt that gets me excited as I’ve had a new respect for him since Stuart Gordon’s King of the Ants, which you should see ASAP if you haven’t already.

After the usual (and unusual) issues that plague an indie production were overcome, Bryan Loves You recently wrapped production and is now in the post production phase. Look for more on it as we dig it up!

Johnny Butane

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