Boar FX Images and Teaser Poster; Filmmaker Chris Sun Talks!


A couple of weeks ago we brought you the first news on Australian filmmaker Chris Sun’s upcoming gigantic killer swine feature Boar, and now we’ve got exclusive insight from the director himself as well as a teaser concept poster for the flick and behind-the-scenes shots of the titular creature under construction. Read on!

Backed by Shoreline Entertainment with a tentative release of 2016, Boar looks to be a visceral romp into the Ozploitation sub-genre, and we caught up with Sun via email to discuss his approach to the flick, its practical effects and cast, his thoughts on film piracy, U.S. release plans for his Tara Reid-starring slasher feature Charlie’s Farm, and more.

Dread Central: For Boar, what was the inspiration?

Chris Sun: “I have always been a fan of ‘creature feature’ films, ever since I was little. My favorites would be Jaws and An American Werewolf in London. However, Pumpkinhead and Frankenfish were my real inspirations for having a crack at my own monster film. It’s no secret that Australia has already made a wild pig film back in the 1980’s, [and] people sometimes think Boar is a remake of that amazing film. However, Boar is in no way connected or inspired by it. I had a few ideas I was tossing around. ‘Drop Bears’ (the Aussie myth of carnivorous, tree-dwelling marsupials) was on the top of my list, but there was just something cool about making a really big fuck off pig that destroys folks in the Aussie outback.”

Dread Central: When does principal photography kick off, how many projected shooting days, and what are you shooting on?

Chris Sun: “We start shooting this year on the tenth of August for a five-week shoot. I used the Sony F65’s on [my previous film] Charlie’s Farm and loved them, so we are running two F65’s and an F55 on Boar. I’m running with a new director of photography for Boar as well, Andrew Condor. We are gelling really well, and I think between us we will smash out some insane shots for the creature feature lovers out there.”

Dread Central: As for the delivery of the creature, are you approaching it primarily practically, and what are your thoughts on the use of CG in horror?

Chris Sun: “CGI is awesome for those that have a massive budget and can pull off the perfect shots/looks and make it realistic. Me personally, I am all about the practical special FX. Now there still will be a small amount of CGI in Boar, but my supporters can rest assured that 90% of this picture will be practical. Giving you an idea, Steve Boyle and his team are building the pigs for us as we speak. I like the old saying, ‘Go big or go home,’ so ‘Darlene’ — yes, that’s his name — will be 14 feet long and 8 feet tall at his ridge. His tusks are around 1 meter long, so in the words of Ivan Drago’s trainer in Rocky IV, ‘Whatever he hits, HE DESTROYS.’ All the kills will be practical, [though] we will have a very small component of CGI in two particular kills, as our budget is only around $2.8 million so I had to make some hard decisions. However, don’t let the small budget fool fans of this genre; this film will look like we had $10 million to play with.”

Dread Central: You have an interesting and talented actor in Bill Moseley, who you have worked with before. What can we expect from him in Boar?

Chris Sun: “Bill Moseley is one of the coolest actors to work with, and I absolutely love working with him. My regret with Charlie’s Farm was that he wasn’t in it long enough, so Moseley fans can get excited because he has a really solid role in Boar. I’m also lucky to be bringing back Big Nathan Jones, also from Charlie’s Farm. Nathan wrote me a message the other day [saying], ‘Hey bro, I have more lines than I’m used to,’ [and] I cracked up laughing. Nathan has always been cast as the ‘big bad ass with limited dialogue,’ [but] not this time. I wanted him to play a friendly, caring uncle in Boar, so he has his work cut out for him. Also, you may actually see Nathan Jones rapping on screen, so get ready for that scene. [Also cast] are John Jarrett from Wolf Creek, Roger Ward and Steve Bisley from Mad Max, Hugh Sheridan from Packed to the Rafters, Simone Buchanan, Melissa Tkautz, Ernie Dingo, and shitloads of up-and-comers [who] will help me make Boar one amazing Australian creature feature. So yes, I am super excited to get on set and shoot the shit out of this picture, and show the big boys what this crazy-ass Aussie can do in this genre. And for those that love Bill [Moseley] and Charlie’s Farm, don’t panic on this front either [because] I have big plans for the Wilson clan in Part 2, so yes, you can expect to see those crazy fuckers back [in a sequel].”

Dread Central: Charlie’s Farm has been receiving rave reviews. What was your inspiration for that film, and when can American audiences expect to see it?

Chris Sun: “I’m so damn proud of Charlie’s Farm. Although people love it, we have had our fair share of folks that hate the shit out of it. That’s filmmaking, and I actually love the good and bad reviews. What I fucking hate is the ass-wipes that pirate my hard work [and] then rag on it. That is wrong on so many levels; at least those that have purchased the film have a right to love/hate and review it. People seem to forget that real people give us money to make these pictures, so they are killing the industry by ripping off investors and filmmakers [via their piracy]. I’m blessed that my investor Debbie has so much faith in me and in what I do. She has agreed to back me again with Boar, but the piracy of Charlie’s Farm is really killing the vibe, so I have also started an Indiegogo page to try and ease the pressure for her.”

“Now, with that rant and plug over, I will answer your question! My inspiration for Charlie’s Farm came from Friday the 13th, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and of course Halloween. These movies are so damn cool. I frigging love the slasher genre and wanted to have a crack at my own slasher film. Australia has some of the coolest horror films, but we have never really had a silent killer like the American greats [have], so I created the character of Charlie Wilson. So far it seems people are enjoying Charlie’s Farm, and soon America will have its release and I will get to see what U.S. audiences think. I have had an awesome response from U.S fans with my second film, Daddy’s Little Girl, so I’m hoping to get the same response with Charlie’s Farm. We have signed agreements with a massive American distributor, which will be amazing for me and my film career, and most importantly for Charlie’s Farm.”

Dread Central: You’ve been hailed as a modern Ozploitation master? What are your thoughts on that?

Chris Sun: “(laughs) That’s the first I have heard this one! I once had a crazy lady want to chain me up in her shed and keep me as a pet. She kept calling me her ‘Aussie Tarantino.’ Freaking nuts, man, but wow, that’s kind of cool. In all seriousness, I have a long way to go before I could ever attempt to claim a cool title like that. I ’m just happy making movies my way and fucking shit and people up [on screen] my way. Also my sales agent and managers and Shoreline Entertainment let me just be me and don’t interfere. They know the end result will be a true ‘Chris Sun Film’ and are ready to sell the shit out of Boar when it’s completed, as they have and are doing with Charlie’s Farm. None of it would be possible without my team and investors, but I will now go in and cook my son dinner with a bigger head for a little while I think. Yeah, modern Ozploitation master! Fuck, I will rub this in all night now. Please keep supporting my work, guys, and thank you for letting me dribble some shit.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes FX shots from Boar below with captions provided by Sun. To support Boar, visit its Indiegogo page, and you can “like” Boar on Facebook here.





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