Update: Itagaki Was Right, Devil’s Third Is Coming To NA


As a followup to my article regarding rumors that Devil’s Third would not be coming to NA, I would like to smugly rub in the faces of everyone that I was right with the announcement that Nintendo of America have Tweeted that the game is indeed coming to North American shelves. From the official twitter:

It’s not that the rumor-mongers and speculo-mancers didn’t have a point. The game has been seeing increasingly less and less coverage over the months, and the lack of a release date did seem rather odd. It could very well be the case that the rumor mill stirred up some much needed action from the executives at NoA, and that it was the fan outcry that made this all happen.

Ha. Hahaha. Hahaha haaaaaa haha haaaaaaaa. Because fan outcry always matters oh so much in getting things done and delivering quality products. Perhaps my jokes are unwarranted, as it is all a very strange series of events. Still, it seems more likely that Nintendo is either going to publish the game or is covering their bases by mentioning they will probably publish it to dispel rumors while negotiations happen than to assume that some kind of internet stir forced them into action. This all seems to be a story manufactured by Unseen64 and a few other fable-czars for views, but I will be very willing to publicly contrite and eat my words if it all turns out to be true. Look for more news in the future.

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