Kevin Smith Talks Jay and Silent Bob vs. Hellraiser Movie That Could’ve Been


Kevin Smith only recently started to make his mark on the horror genre, kicking off with Red State and continuing with last year’s Tusk. But it’s a little known fun fact that Smith almost played around with a horror icon many years ago, as the director has revealed this week.

In an interview with Crave Online, Smith spoke about a wacky idea that Miramax’s Bob Weinstein had after the release of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, telling the site that once upon a time the offer was on the table to mash the characters together with the world of Hellraiser.

Yeah, Bob Weinstein said to me one day on the phone, this was after Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, he goes, ‘You know what happens with buddy team comedies in the history of cinema?‘” said Smith. “I go, ‘No, what? They stop making them eventually? People get tired?’ And he goes, ‘Think about what Abbott and Costello did. They met the monsters.'”

This was back in the day at Miramax, not even The Weinstein Company,” Smith continued. “He’s like, ‘We have Hellraiser, Pinhead. We have Michael Myers, Halloween. We have Children of the Corn. Why not Jay and Bob meeting the modern day monsters so it’s kind of like Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein or The Wolf Man but instead it’s Jay and Bob meeting Pinhead?’ And I was like, ‘Bob, I can’t get my head around that.'”

I remember I told Ben Affleck that idea. Next time I spoke to Ben, I was like, ‘Bob Weinstein told me, he suggested that I do Jay and Silent Bob vs. Hellraiser.’ And Affleck starts laughing, and then he stops and he goes, ‘You know what, man? That movie would make $100 million.’ I said, ‘Get out of here.’ He goes, ‘Come on, dude. Think about it. It’s just so f***in’ stupid that enough people might be like, “I want to see what happens.”‘ I mean, to me it never went beyond that conversation, but I’d often joked about if I was going to do it, it would be Jay and Silent Bob with that puzzle box and it snaps into place and they wind up in rehab.”

Smith recently teased that Jay and Silent Bob may pop up for an appearance in his Jaws homage Moose Jaws, which sounds like the closest we’ll ever get to a Jay and Silent Bob horror movie!

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