Nolan North Outs The Last of Us 2 Kind of Definitely Maybe


Well, color me super surprised, Naughty Dog is making a sequel to the game that won so many “Game of the Year” awards that they had to build a guest house for all the critics waiting patiently to fellate them. Not that they didn’t deserve every second of sweet drippy oral compensation that they received, as The Last of Us was so good that it is widely considered that everyone should just give up now and go back to making toy cars and board games because video games have reached their zenith.

So I was shocked, shocked I say, to hear that Nolan “I’m the Only Voice Actor You’ve Heard of” North spilled the beans that Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us 2. During a Metrocon panel earlier this month, he stated:

“For now I know they’re doing The Last of Us 2, but my character in The Last of Us kind of met an untimely demise.”

Full video courtesy of mrgeekmeout:

So, a confirmation from a guy who probably isn’t even working on the game, huh? That’s all you got, rumor mill? Well, when it comes to The Last of Us, I’ll take anything. It makes sense that Mr. North would know since he has been an integral part of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise, and it’s not like they can just hide all the work when he walks through the office. Common sense seems to me to be the biggest tellĀ of all, as Naughty Dog literally hasn’t released a game without a sequel since Way of the Warrior in 1994. I guess they could always create their own digital distribution platform and not give a shit about finishing one of the most popular franchises of all time’s storyline, but who would ever be that cruel?

As a side tidbit, Troy “The Voice Actor You Now Know and Are In Love With” Baker stated at Indy PopCon:

“Okay so I’m… And by the way, I know nothing. I don’t know if we’re gonna do another one or not. If we do, then I trust Neil and Bruce and everyone at Naughty Dog to tell a story that needs to be told.”

Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley are Creative Director and Game Director, respectively, and Druckmann has previously stated that the possibility of a sequel was “about 50/50.” By my math, 50 divided by 50 makes 1, so that is a 100% chance of there being a The Last of Us 2. I’d expect there to be a new cast and story since the world is so rich and the tale of Joel and Ellie wrapped up nicely. I expect it to be a PS4 exclusive and to include zombies and intense melee combat with heavy ammo management in the gunplay. In other news, the sun will probably rise tomorrow, and the betting odds are on water still being wet.

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