Teaser for Ash vs. The DC Dead Mixes Horror with Comic Book Heroes


Writer and director Brian Rosenthal of WTFLOL/Dead Pixel, LLC, has released the teaser for his fanfilm sequel, Ash vs. The DC Dead.

Created by the same people who produced Nightmare on Vape Street, Scorpion vs. Jason, and Sarah Connor vs. Jason, the sequel to Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness stars David VonHippchen as “Ash” from the Evil Dead films, Derek Russo as DC’s Lobo, Lindsay Croucher as Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man, and Joshua Borcyk as DC’s Green Arrow.

The new addition to the multiverse fanfilm web-series is in production over the next month, and Rosenthal hopes the full short will be released sometime around late August. Until then, take a peek at the teaser below, and watch for a special cameo.




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