Aussie Horror Feature Boar Set to Film in July


Filmmaker Chris Sun is set to commence principal photography next month in Queensland, Australia, on his horror film Boar.

Originally reported by The Daily Telegraph as a remake of 1984’s Russell Mulcahy-directed Razorback, we reached out to filmmaker Sun, who stated that the Telegraph’s report “was incorrect, and there is no connection between the two films at all.”

As for Sun’s film, Boar finds a group of teenagers menaced by the gargantuan titular character in the Outback. Sun, who previously helmed the Aussie horror flicks Daddy’s Little Girl and Charlie’s Farm, will direct from his own script with actors Nathan Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road), John Jarratt (of the Wolf Creek films), Roger Ward (2008’s Long Weekend), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), and Playboy Bunny Sheridyn Fisher (pictured below) set to star.


The latter stated to The Daily Telegraph of her role of “Sherry” in Boar, “It’s a slasher film, and in these you have someone you want to get hurt and some you don’t. I’m probably in the latter category. I’ll have a fair bit of screen time, and I can tell you that my character is on a camping trip with a couple of friends. I will have some pretty emotional scenes with John [Jarratt].”

In doing some digging, we came up with a teaser video and the film’s Facebook page.

Stick around for word from director Sun shortly, who promised us a “cracker story about all cast involved” plus some exclusive imagery.




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