All Hallows’ Eve Spinoff Terrifier Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Fans of Art the Clown from director Damien Leone’s All Hallows’ Eve could see the character in his own horror flick very soon. Here’s the catch: the filmmaker needs your help funding the project.

Terrifier, the aforementioned All Hallows’ Eve spinoff, recently launched an Indiegogo campaign. Leone and company are looking for around $15,000 to bring this film to fruition, so any cold, hard cash you could throw in their general direction would no doubt be appreciated. There are plenty of perks to entice would-be donators, including digital copies of the final film, signed DVDs, and a replica of the rusty scalpel Art the Clown uses in the film. That’s hard to pass up.

According to the short synopsis on the flick’s Indiegogo page, Terrifier follows the adventures of Art the Clown as he terrorizes two young women on Halloween night. Of course, any poor soul who happens across the killer clown’s path is likely destined to die.

Before you commit to giving away your hard-earned cash to Damien Leone’s Terrifier, have a look at the short teaser trailer below. If you love killer clown movies and haven’t had a chance to see All Hallows’ Eve yet, do yourself a favor and check it out as soon as possible.



All Hallows' Eve



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