Retro 13: Download the Entire Collection!


We here at Dread Central were honored to have been able to bring you the Retro 13 poster art feature from the uber talented Stephen Romano. The feature, which we had so much fun with, has met the end of its run; and to celebrate its incredibly artistic audacity, we present to you the following…

If you CLICK HERE, you’ll be able to download a zip file containing all of Romano’s Retro 13 artwork for you to use as you wish, including last week’s SUDDEN DEATH bonus round. That being said we urge you to click over to the Retro 13 archive to read about what Romano had to say about each piece.

That’s it! Enjoy yourselves, and big thanks to Stephen for sharing his art with the horror community!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: These posters are intended as FAN ART only and are designed to be shared, for free, for anyone who wants to own them for themselves. Download them, share them, spread the horror! And visit Stephen Romano’s Shock Festival website for more fun.

retro 13 banner - Retro 13: Download the Entire Collection!

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