Help Fund Christmas Horror Film Slay Belles; Watch the Teaser!

We recently told you about our pal SpookyDan Walker’s holiday horror film Slay Belles, which is currently being funded on Indiegogo, and now that the campaign is coming to a close, we wanted to nestle a friendly reminder into your brain. Why? Because this movie NEEDS to happen.

Described as the ultimate battle between naughty and nice, Walker’s debut feature centers on the mythical demon of Alpine folklore known as Krampus, who is basically the evil version of Santa Claus. He kidnaps and eats the naughty children, while Santa rewards the nice.

In the film Krampus is on the loose, and he’s making up for lost time by killing his naughty prey. As Krampus is “soul searching,” three urban explorers in all of their hotness go on an adventure and break into a long shutdown theme park, Santa Land. Unwittingly they find themselves at the scene of the crime where Krampus takes his prey. It’s also where the real live Santa has retired.

Now Santa, a crotchety biker-wannabe coping with his faded magical powers, is forced to ally himself with these chicks. The fate of the world is riding on their combination of wits, magic, and spunk to take down Krampus once and for all. If they fail, Krampus will kill Christmas and all of the naughty the world over. Now that’s a lot of people.

The movie, full of blood, laughs, and curves, features an incredible cast. Barry Bostwick is Santa Claus; Kristina Klebe, Hannah Minx, and Susan Slaughter are the Slay Belles; Joel Hebner is Krampus; and Richard Moll, Diane Salinger and Steven Lunsford are the town locals.

Long story short, Walker needs $75,000 to completely finish Slay Belles, and he’s looking to raise at least $30,000 of that goal amount. As always, there are juicy perks available for those who help out, up to and including producer credits.

Head over to the Slay Belles fundraising campaign to pitch in, and check out the film’s teaser trailer below!

slay - Help Fund Christmas Horror Film Slay Belles; Watch the Teaser!

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