baphometbanner - Exclusive Look at Baphomet's Shark Attack Scene Storyboards

Exclusive Look at Baphomet’s Shark Attack Scene Storyboards

We haven’t had an update from Matthan Harris about his upcoming supernatural horror feature Baphomet for several months now, but he just got in touch to let us know it is now on track for a 2016 release.  He also provided us with an exclusive look at storyboards from the film’s shark attack scene, which were created by artist Jason Millet.

As Harris told us previously, “Baphomet is NOT a shark film, but it does has a scene involving a brutal shark attack (the incident is caused by a hex). In the film there is a Satanic cult that uses black magic to attack a family in ways that can’t be traced back to them (i.e., hexes that cause brutal animal attacks, miscarriages, suicide, etc.).”

“I chose a great white shark as one of the instruments of terror because I have a fear of them. And Jaws is possibly my favorite movie of all time,” Harris explained. “However, I really hate those terrible CGI shark joke-films that have infiltrated the market. Great whites are such incredible predators, and they deserve better movies… for the shark sequence in Baphomet, my goal is to remind people how terrifying shark attacks are.”

Harris serves as writer, director, co-star, and producer with Incisive Pictures on Baphomet. For more info and updates, keep your eyes on the Baphomet Facebook page.

A family in Northern California celebrates their 24-year-old daughter’s pregnancy. The celebration is interrupted when Satanic cult leader Henrik Brandr unexpectedly visits their ranch. Henrik offers to pay the family a large sum for ownership of their land, claiming it is sacred to his congregation. Jacob Richardson, the father, rejects the offer due to the priceless sentimental value of the ranch. Henrik, displeased, begins to put devastating curses on the Richardsons, trying to force them off their land – even if it means murdering them.

After suffering unexplainable tragedies, the Richardsons seek help from Marybeth, a white witch high priestess. They soon discover a terrible secret about their house, revealing why their land is sacred to the cult. They realize they must protect their house from the cult at all costs, and a violent battle between good and evil ensues.

baphomet - Exclusive Look at Baphomet's Shark Attack Scene Storyboards

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