Headgame Hopes You Never “Saw” The Hunger Games


It’s time to play yet another game, kids! Coming at you soon will be director Steven Paul Judd’s (The Butchers) next film, Headgame, and we’ve got your details right here.

Written by Roberto Marinas, Headgame stars Jamie Hill (“Two and a Half Men”), Carter Jenkins (“The Following”), Chris Hayes (Divergent), Liv von Oelreich (“Masters of Sex”), and according to The Wrap, “Entertainment Tonight” correspondent Carly Steel.

Keep an eye on the official Headgame Facebook page for more info.

A group of young adults awake from an all-night party to find themselves locked inside a now-abandoned warehouse with miniature cameras drilled into their foreheads. As the group pieces together this unsettling puzzle, it quickly becomes apparent that they are unwilling competitors in a deadly game in which they must murder each other until only ONE of them survives.




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