Bound to Vengeance Releases First Dramatic Trailer


I love revenge movies, probably more than I love any other genre. When filmmakers strike the right blend of drama, action, and horror, the end result is nothing short of cinematic perfection. I might be straddling the line of hyperbole, but nothing gets my blood pumping like a good revenge flick.

Director José Manuel Cravioto’s Bound to Vengeance (previously known as Reversal) puts a slightly different twist on an old formula. Instead of simply saving herself from the clutches of a sadistic madman (Richard Tyson), our heroine (Tina Ivlev) decides to rescue all of his victims over the course of one frightful night. As you can tell from the trailer below, things get pretty dark along the way.

IFC Midnight will release Bound to Vengeance on June 26.


Bound to Vengeance



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