Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert Sets a Premiere Date of July 20th


This past April we got the good news that the king of paranormal radio, Art Bell, would be returning to the airwaves this summer with a new show entitled “Midnight in the Desert,” and now we know when it will be premiering.

Per the “Midnight in the Desert” FAQ:
Art is returning to broadcasting on the Internet on July 20th on the Dark Matter Digital Network. The show is now called “Midnight in the Desert” and will broadcast LIVE from 9pm to 12Midnight Pacific, 12Midnight to 3am Eastern, for FREE, Monday thru Friday.

You can listen via a link on this website, or use an app on your smartphone or tablet. Currently you can listen via the TuneIn app. Install TuneIn from your App store and search for “Dark Matter Radio” and you’ll be listening to the current schedule of shows.

On-demand archives will be available under a subscription membership service, soon to be announced.

Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell

Q. Can I use an Internet radio?

A: If you would like a dedicated device to play Internet radio, there are a couple choices out there. Look for the CC-WiFi or CC-Wifi 2 from C.Crane. Use promo code “Dark Matter” or “Art Bell” to get a special gift and give us a credit.

Q. Can I listen later via a podcast?

A. If you join the membership subscription service for the show, you’ll have the ability to download or stream old shows so you can play them on your computer and smartphone/tablet device. It will cost $5 a month at the start.

Q. Will Art play his classic bumper music?

A. Yes! We have worked out a plan where we will pay the music license agencies for rights to play the songs that Art loves and is part of the show.

Q. What will the quality be like?

A. Other than affiliate AM stations, the music will be in full stereo and full fidelity. We will stream in both 48K MP3 and 48K AAC. If your computer can play AAC, this would be the preferred player. Our testing over the last few days of the equipment we have installed, has demonstrated a high quality feed from Art’s studio in Pahrump via the Telos Z/IP ONE IP Broadcast Codec unit, over the Internet to Keith’s studio in Mesa and then out to the streaming servers via the Z/IPStream R/1. The sound should be one of the best on the Internet.

Q. How many listeners can you handle with your new provider?

A. We have enlisted the services of The Stream Guys for our content delivery system and ad playback platform. We are currently using them right now for the Dark Matter Digital Network and will be able to scale up to the number of servers required to handle many thousands of listeners. In fact, we’ll be doing a test show on Sunday the 19th, just for the purposes of establishing a baseline for listeners. Check the Dark Matter Digital Network on that night to listen to that show.

Q. Will Art be on any terrestrial radio stations?

A. Maybe a few. See our Radio Stations page. The format of the show is geared towards the Internet, having less commercials and more freedom of where the breaks of the show will be. Rarely would a radio station want to carry the show and not be able to automate the commercial insertions. We are not going to change our format to match up with commercial radio. That being said, if a station wants to carry the show as is, without any interruption of the content, they may just grab the Internet stream and replay it. They would also have to cover the costs of the music licensing. Here are the Terms for Terrestrial Affiliates.

Q. Will Art be on Shortwave radio?

A. In fact yes! We have made a deal with a shortwave station out of Tennessee, WTWW on 5,085 khz, a good frequency to be heard at that time of night. They will carry just the LIVE portion of the show. See our Radio Stations page for more.

Q. Will Art be on Satellite?

A. No. There is no need to buy a satellite radio this time. No $15/mo SiriusXM subscription.

Q. How do I suggest a guest for the show? How can I be a guest on the show?

A. Please provide the potential guests contact information (email or phone number), tell us a little about what topic they would talk about and send this info to our producer Dr J at

Q. Can I call into the show on Skype?

A. Yes, Art will have 2 Skype computers running, one for North America (US/Canada/Mexico) and one for International callers. Please have a properly operating headset microphone, as using just your laptop internal mic will make you sound awful and your call may be cut short.

Of course standard phone lines will be active also. 1- 952-CALL ART.

Q. How do I support the show financially?

A. First would be to signup for the membership subscription service when it is ready, whether you actually listen to the archives or not. With your subscription you’ll also be able to access the “Wormhole” and send Art messages/questions during the show.

Secondly, support the advertisers on the show. At least let them know you appreciate their sponsorship.

Lastly, you can help to keep the pirates at bay. If you come across a YouTube channel or any website posting full-length files of Art’s show, stealing our copyrighted content, let us know. We can take steps to get it taken down. It’s a shame that these people are potentially destroying the very thing they love. We survive on paying subs to keep us operating. We’re not a big corporation.

Q. Will there be a chat room?

A. We currently have two methods for fans to communicate with each other. First will be the Twitter hashtag feed. It’s the twitter feed that shows up on the DMRN home page. If you tag your tweets with #DMTalk, they will appear there. Others may then interact with you. You can use an App like Tweetdeck and set up a search filter to scroll all tweets with our hashtag in a real time scrolling column.

Secondly, there are two BBS style message forums that we will have links to, one moderated and one not. So you can pick your playground. More on this later.




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