Anarchy Parlor – Memes: Day 11


Welcome to Day 11 of our helpful memes designed to help you survive the release of Kenny Gage and Devon Downs’ “tourists in peril” feature Anarchy Parlor. Read on for the latest bit of advice.

Anarchy Parlor Release Details:
Gravitas Ventures plans a theatrical release for Anarchy Parlor on June 19, 2015.

Anarchy Parlor is a horror film about a mysterious nomad simply known as “The Artist” who practices a dark art form passed down through the generations. He creates much more than tattoos for tourists who visit his Lithuanian Tattoo Parlor.

Anarchy Parlor Rules

Shot entirely on location in Vilnius, Lithuania, Anarchy Parlor features two well-known cast members in the tattoo and horror world. Heavily tattooed lead actor Robert LaSardo (Death Race, “Nip/Tuck,” Human Centipede 3) portrays “The Artist,” and Sara Fabel (well-known Finnish tattoo artist and model) plays his seductive apprentice “Uta.” Anarchy Parlor will be a frighteningly, terrific thrill to the die-hard fans.

Anarchy Parlor is written and directed by Kenny Gage (Raze) and Devon Downs. This will be the first in the franchise of a new twist on horror films with “The Artist,” an amazingly creepy character that rivals “Jigsaw” in Saw or “Hannibal Lecter” in The Silence of the Lambs.

“Our conceit from the outset was to center the story around the traditional ‘bad guy’ archetype instead of the victims,” said Gage.

Downs adds, “Our film is scary, yes, intense, yes, gory, hell yes, but it is also fun!”

Anarchy Parlor is produced by Bill Ceresia (Raze), Andrew Pagana (Raze), Thomas Mahoney (Girl in the Photographs), Todd Slater, and Brett Donowho. The executive producer is Tony Distefano for A-Team Entertainment Inc.

Anarchy Parlor



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