Exclusive: First Look at Olen Ray’s Dire Wolf!


From the creator of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers comes the gory prehistoric mutant monster rampage Dire Wolf. Prepare to experience “One Terror B.C.”

direwolfs - Exclusive: First Look at Olen Ray's Dire Wolf!

Fred Olen Ray has been making B-movies for almost as long as I’ve been alive. Not sure which one of us that makes feel older. Having dipped his toes is just about every genre imaginable during his four decade career, horror fans probably best know Ray as the man behind the camera for Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Scalps, Evil Toons, the criminally underrated Deep Space, and a whole lot more where that came from. Though he’s spent the past few years focusing primarily on softcore sex comedies with the word “bikini” in the title, Dire Wolf marks a return to his blood-soaked B-movie bonanzas of old.

A dire wolf is an extinct breed of carnivorous wolf native to prehistoric North America. Ray has stated there’s a possibility the title may very well undergo a name change since many people aren’t familiar with what a dire wolf is. I don’t think most people have a clue what a Wyvern is and that didn’t deter the Sci-Fi Channel recently. Besides, even if you’ve never heard of a dire wolf the title sounds perfectly befitting a horror movie. I hope they keep it.

Dire Wolf has scientists living out their Jurassic Park fantasy by regenerating a dire wolf from a nearly fossilized skeleton using human stem cells. The results prove even direr than anticipated as the human-dire wolf hybrid beast they give to birth to breaks loose and terrorizes the small nearby mountain village of Santa Mira Springs.

Ray is promising Dire Wolf will be a bloodbath and one look at some of the production stills available on the film’s official website would indicate he is not exaggerating. Cops, scientists, and bikini girls are just a few of offerings on this gorehound’s menu. Also in dire straights: Maxwell Caulfield (Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat, Empire Records) as the town sheriff, Gil Gerard (TV’s “Buck Rogers”) as a Colonel, and Ian Patrick Williams (Dolls, King of the Ants) as the doomed scientist responsible for creating this abomination against man and nature.

Fred Olen Ray has also been kind enough to allow us to bring you the first trailer for Dire Wolf, which you can see below. Before anyone starts mouthing off about the monster being a guy in a suit, might I remind you that Skinwalkers boasted make-up designs by the late great Stan Winston and Van Helsing had CGI Sasquatch-sized werewolves, both of which cost millions of dollars to create and still wound up looking like crap. This looks like a whole lot of low budget drive-in movie monster fun. Joe Bob Briggs would definitely tell you to check it out.



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