New Friday the 13th NOT a Sequel to 2009 Remake

Friday the 13th

We know several things for sure about the upcoming Friday the 13th film; it will NOT be found footage; The Signal director David Bruckner is at the helm; Platinum Dunes is still producing but this time for Paramount, who got the rights to the franchise back; “Hannibal” screenwriter Nick Antosca will be penning the script.

Speaking of the latter… Antosca was answering fan questions on Twitter and let the following slip…

It’s not a sequel to the 2009 version. Different characters, time period, style.

So this brings up a multitude of new questions… will we be getting sack-head Jason? Will we be getting a sequel to the original franchise somewhere between Friday the 13th Part 3 and Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, thus ignoring the New Line films? Will we be getting a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason? Will this just be another reboot altogether? Keep in mind the Halloween franchise is known for several possible storylines it could follow. Will Friday the 13th end up the same way? Hell, is it already there?

The picture will become clearer soon enough. For now tell us in which direction you’d like to see the franchise head in our comments section below.

Paramount is aiming for a Friday, May 13, 2016, release. More soon!

Friday the 13th - New Friday the 13th NOT a Sequel to 2009 Remake