Terror Stows Away in Lost in the Pacific


The sea is a vast and frightening place. Need proof? Then be ready to sail off with the new film Lost in the Pacific. Read on for details.

From the Press Release:
Darclight, the edgy genre-driven arm of international powerhouse Arclight Films, is pleased to announce that LOST IN THE PACIFIC, a futuristic sci-fi thriller starring BRANDON ROUTH (SUPERMAN RETURNS) and YUQUI ZHANG (CJ7), will make its World Market Premiere at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The film is directed by Vincent Zhou and is currently in post-production, scheduled for release later this year, starting with China.

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to introduce LOST IN THE PACIFIC to buyers for the very first time in Cannes,” said Gary Hamilton, Managing Director of Arclight Films. “The entire team, both in front of and behind the camera, has created a thrilling masterpiece that is sure to entice and exhilarate distributors and audiences all over the world.”

LOST IN THE PACIFIC is a mysterious and riveting sci-fi adventure following a group of passengers stranded on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean after their luxury airliner makes an emergency landing. To make matters worse, as they try their best to survive and figure out a way to get the plane back in the air, they soon learn the island has been overrun with strange mutated creatures that take passengers off, one by one. Once in the air again, the two surviving military personnel set course for a secret military base. Little do they know, they’ve taken a sinister stowaway along for the ride.

“We are excited to be working with Arclight Films on the launch of LOST IN THE PACIFIC,” said Zhou. “Huace film studio will be our main domestic distributor in China, and LOST IN THE PACIFIC will be the first Chinese movie to be distributed by its own distribution department. Huace is the second largest public company in the entertainment industry in China and has been developing a successful model for distribution and looks forward to the film’s release later this year.”

Darclight is handling worldwide sales outside of China and will be presenting footage to international distributors for the first time in Cannes.

Lost in the Pacific



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