Space Monster Numagirasu Stomps Across Japan in Latest Trailer


If you’re a fan of Japanese kaiju flicks, particularly those that feature enormous monsters (daikaiju) laying waste to vast urban landscapes, then you should keep your eyes peeled for Space Monster Numagirasu, an upcoming production put together by a handful of talented students at the Tokyo Polytechnic University. What’s especially cool about this particular outing is the fact that the filmmakers are utilizing an admittedly old-school approach: traditional special effects. For those of us who’ve grown tired of CGI monsters, this is certainly good news.

Unfortunately, that’s all the info we have at the moment. Then again, when you’re dealing with a flick like this, the plot generally takes a back seat to the on-screen mayhem. Big thanks to Undead Backbrain for spotting this one. Swing by the aforementioned website for some nifty behind-the-scenes photos from Space Monster Numagirasu. In the meantime take a look at the trailer below.


Space Monster Numagirasu Image 1 - Space Monster Numagirasu Stomps Across Japan in Latest Trailer



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