Exclusive Clip – An Irish Exorcism


We may not know a lot about the new found footage flick An Irish Exorcism, but judging by this clip, the filmmakers are not afraid of letting the proverbial shit hit the fan! Consider our interest more than piqued.

About An Irish Exorcism:
Director Eric Courtney and screenwriter Martin Robinson (Seer) breathe new life – and death – into the found footage horror genre with the chilling AN IRISH EXORCISM. Newcomer Aislinn Ni Uallachain stars as Lorraine, an anthropology student in her final year of college who decides to film her thesis project – on the subject of exorcism within the Catholic Church. Recording interviews with priests from the local diocese, she stumbles upon Father Byrne (Brian Fortune; “Game of Thrones,” “Vikings”), an older priest who is helping a young woman whose 13-year-old daughter is apparently possessed by a demonic force.

Lorraine’s curiosity leads her and her camera operator, Cathal (Dillon White), down a dark path toward the terrifying truth. Things go from strange to worse as all involved become entangled in a frightful journey to save an innocent girl’s life – and maybe their own.

Director Courtney says of the film’s genesis, “Ireland’s identity as being a country steeped in Catholicism and religion” made it the ideal setting for a story about exorcism. AN IRISH EXORCISM, which also stars Paddy C. Courtney (of the original British series “Shameless”), Elaine Hearty, and Anna Davis, had its premiere at the New Mexico Fright Fest. Fans of Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project can add this nerve-shattering tale to their list of must-see movies.

Look for it coming to DVD and VOD on May 12 from Virgil Films.

An Irish Exorcism



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