10 Horror Movies That Were Turned Into Board Games

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More recently, in 2005, USApoloy released a Freddy vs. Jason trivia game, as a tie-in with the long-awaited cinematic battle between the two horror heavyweights. The game tested your knowledge of not just Freddy vs. Jason but also every single film in both the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises, jam packed with over 1,000 different questions. A die with different numbers of dead bodies on each side dictated what question from any given card you were asked, and scores were recorded on a fun ‘body count’ pad, which depicted a decapitated corpse. Not much of a board game, per se, but nevertheless a fun way to put your horror fan smarts to the test.

jawsgame - 10 Horror Movies That Were Turned Into Board Games


In 1975, Ideal put their own spin on the classic game of Operation with the release of The Game of Jaws, which was primarily comprised of a plastic, spring-loaded shark. After filling the shark’s mouth with things like bones, tires and whatever else a massive Great White would swallow – Quint’s body not included – players had to try and fish the objects out of it’s gullet, and the player who successfully removed the most items was crowned winner. If, however, you weren’t careful in plucking them out, the shark’s jaws would snap shut, knocking you out of the game. Though the original game is pretty rare and valuable, it’s interesting to note that Ideal still sells the same game, under the name Sharky’s Diner!


Five years after the release of the Jaws game, Ideal made another go at it with a similar game based on the 1980 film Alligator, which allowed players to both feed the creature and remove food from his mouth. Again, the jaws snapping shut meant you lost the game, and were treated to a family-friendly jump scare. Looking back, it’s quite odd that a film like Alligator was given its very own game, and I can only imagine that Ideal was hoping that the movie would end up being as successful as Jaws. A truly unique piece of horror movie merchandise, and one that’s incredibly hard to come by nowadays.

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Kenner ran into a lot of problems with their Alien tie-in merchandise, with many parents feeling that the movie just wasn’t exactly one that should be marketed to children. In 1979, the same year they released and subsequently pulled a Xenomorph figure from toy shelves, they put out the official Alien board game, which pit players up against the titular monster. The idea was to be the first player to get your astronaut into the safety of a space shuttle, in the center of the board. Each player also had a Xenomorph game piece, which they could use to attack other players, and prevent them from making it to safety. R-rated fun for the whole family!


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