Top 9 Creepiest Clowns


You may all float down there, but up here we’ve pretty much been trained to shit our pants when we see clowns. No longer are they the jovial bringers of fun they once were. Clowns invoke terror, and here are the worst of the worst: The Top 9 Creepiest Clowns.

This list contains creepy clowns from all sorts of places, from television to film to real-life monsters. We’ve got a ton of honorable mentions to throw at you to get the ball rolling so let’s just see who these creepy clowns are. Let’s begin with the clown with the tear-away face from The Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s not much that can trump a rip-off face that reveals a black void behind it. Shawn “Clown” Crahan is the Grammy Award-winning drummer best known for his work in Slipknot, and Crahan has come up with some severely creepy clown masks to wear on stage with the band.

Continuing on with the honorable mentions, we’re going to throw one to Eli Roth’s Clown just on the strength of the early images we’ve seen. We’re also going to include the Insane Clown Posse; the World Wrestling Federation’s clown prince, Doink; as well as John Leguizamo’s Clown from Spawn. Closing out the honorable mentions, we have to throw in a young Michael Myers as well as our sexiest deranged clown, who is, of course, Danielle Harris, garnering the honorable mention for her incredibly entertaining performance in “Holliston, Season 2, Episode 2.” As insane clowns go, there are none hotter than Danielle Harris.

And now, on to…

Creepy Clows

Twisty the Clown (“American Horror Story: Freak Show”)
He came on like a tsunami. Twisty the Clown was easily the most impressive new addition to “American Horror Story” this year. He wandered out of the woods to inflict some of the most brutal murders we’ve ever seen on the show, and he only lasted three episodes! (Yes, he had a very brief resurrection in the finale, but we only got the real, psycho Twisty for such a short amount of time). But in his limited engagement, Twisty took the horror world by storm. Fans of the show quickly dubbed him the scariest clown of all time, and after seeing him vaporize that loving couple with a set of juggling pins during his first appearance, it’s hard to argue against that. Twisty the Clown is, without a doubt, the rookie of the year when it comes to clowns and may have already found himself in the hall of fame!

John Wayne Gacy (real-life psycho)
Pennywise is a helluva scary clown, and Twisty is a nightmare as well. But, honestly, neither of them can hold a candle to real-life murderer John Wayne Gacy, who would appear in public as Pogo the Clown. Convicted of 33 murders and sentenced to death for 12 of them, John Wayne Gacy is one of the most recognizable figures in the annals of American true crime. His crimes were insane, and the fact that he stuffed nearly 30 dead bodies in a crawlspace in his house just shows how mental he was. When it comes to clowns, there may be some creepier on the big screen, but as far as real-life incidents go, John Wayne Gacy’s Pogo the Clown is, without a doubt, the most chilling ever!

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