10 Amazing Indie Horror Films You May Have Missed


Few have likely heard of this English flick, as it hasn’t had much chance to catch on with Stateside media outlets just yet. Don’t allow that to impede on a potential screening session. It is a true must to absorb this inspired flick, which far surpasses your typical little haunted indie effort. The sets are extremely minimal, as are the onscreen players. But the heart of the film pounds away violently, all but ensuring viewers find themselves entwined in a spine-tingling and wildly depressing genre piece.

The Cabining:
Brainless? Sure. Shallow? Definitely. Cliché? You bet. Self-aware? Yessir. An absolute blast? Oh hell yes! This kooky cabin adventure gone wrong is what indie filmmaking is all about. It’s about filmmakers having a blast, creating some awesome scenes and being able to walk away knowing that they left viewers caring enough for the production to manufacture big word of mouth. Anyone who’s seen this one can attest to the fact that others are all but ensured to get a kick out of The Cabining. Lighthearted to the core, but truly engaging, The Cabining is a somewhat rare find, but if you spot it, look into it. Ass-kicking on the most enlightening of scales.

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