Ms. Vampy and Doctor Gash Offer Some Tips for Good Living on Good Friday

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Ms. Vampy and Doctor Gash Offer Some Tips for Good Living on Good FridayYour favorite messengers of madness and mayhem are back for another round of holiday tips. That’s right; yours truly, Doctor Gash, and Brooke Lewis (aka Ms. Vampy) have once again collaborated and come up with some ideas to help you get the most out of your Good Friday.

Now, you may say that the only good Friday is one that has “the 13th” after it, but read on to see what DC’s favorite dysfunctional duo have come up with for this holiday season. Sure, anybody can write some Easter drivel, but Fridays always seem to have so much more potential for a raucous good time than Sundays do.

So let’s dig right in, Dreadies!

I always say, “Don’t think it, feel it!” So only do the things you feel you want to do on this Good Friday and Easter weekend – like Jesus did! We are all bogged down with daily pressures and obligations during the week with work and priorities. Release the thoughts in your mind of what you “should” do this weekend and only do the things your heart tells you to do! Good Friday will turn into a good weekend.

Gash says: I couldn’t agree more. I’m a big proponent of doing just the stuff you want to do, and why not?! Who the hell wants to get bogged down with all sorts of tedious and monotonous crap? Pffft! And who better to use for an example of someone who always did his own thing than F.W. Colqhoun (a.k.a. Colonel Ives) in the beloved film Ravenous? Of course when Colqhoun/Ives would do his own thing, it wasn’t like sleeping in late or curling up on the couch with a blanket and a tub of ice cream to watch a movie on the Lifetime Channel. Ives’ thing was cannibalism… and empowering his body and spirit through the ingestion of human flesh. So when you feel bad about hitting that snooze alarm one more time or pounding down an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s, don’t. At least you’re not eating your neighbor!

Whether you choose to skydive, get a tattoo, ask that cute guy or girl for a date, or clean out your closets, be like Nike and “Just Do It!!!” Challenging yourself leads to feeling productive and a sense of accomplishment. When Monday comes, you will be happy that you took this challenge on Good Friday!

Gash: Another winner from Ms. Vampy! I always try to find little challenges to keep me motivated day to day. And through challenging yourself, you better yourself with a heightened sense of self-esteem or a drive to improve. A perfect example is our friend Martin from The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence). Being inspired after watching The Human Centipede (First Sequence), Martin decided to build his own human ‘pede. Unfortunately he had no surgical skills or tools (and even Dr. Heiter who had both ended up with quite the mess on his hands). But that did not deter Martin at all. He went right at his task with a staple gun and some good ol’ stick-to-itiveness, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t create… well… something. It was kind of a human centipede and also kinda like a lopsided diarrhea machine, but hey, the guy gave it a shot and did his best. Kudos, Martin!

Ms. Vampy says: TAKE SOME “ME” TIME
We are all super “busy” these days, and it is easy to go-go-go without a break. The thing that will really turn Good Friday into a great Friday, Saturday, Sunday is to take a break for a bit of downtime or “me” time! This is different for everyone so find what works to give you a break and peace of mind! Whether it involves an hour at the gym or taking a long drive or renting a movie, turn off that phone, stop Tweeting, and be silent for a while. This will help you relax and quiet your mind.

Gash: Ah, to have a quiet mind… I can’t even imagine it. But yes, the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of quiet thoughts can be oh, so soothing. And Mr. Vampy speaks the truth, as a few minutes of peace and quiet and time to reset can make all the difference in the world. One perfect example that comes immediately to mind is Chris Cleek. You might know him better simply as the father in The Woman (played by Sean Bridgers in Lucky McKee’s film based on the Jack Ketchum novel). Mr. Cleek always took time out for himself. He enjoyed barbecuing and the outdoors, hunting especially. Of course, once he stumbles upon a feral woman in the woods, his hobbies change quite a bit. Now Mr. Cleek’s “me” time is spent trying to civilize this unfortunate creature (amongst other less noble things he does to her). Unfortunately for him, this turns out to be a rather poor choice for a hobby as the woman is not on board with any of this treatment. And once she gets her opportunity to get back at Mr. Cleek… well, let’s just say he should have stuck to barbecuing and hunting.

Now, this should happen every weekend, not just at Good Friday and Easter! This world is a crazy place, and there is nothing better than surrounding yourself with the ones you love. Make a plan to schedule time with the people who make you happy and feel good about yourself. Let the people in your life know how much you love them. Remember, life is short, and all we really need is LOVE!

Gash: I’m on board with any piece of advice that ends with a Beatles quote. We here at Dread Central are all about spending time with loved ones. Because when all is said and done and the zombies finally come shuffling up to your door, who else do you really have? And horror is filled with examples of this: Frankenstein and his bride, Mickey and Mallory Knox, Chucky and Tiff, The Firefly Clan… But truly, a family that eats together stays together, and our favorite band of Texas cannibals, the Sawyer family, proved that in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Sure, Drayton Sawyer might have been a little tough on his boys, but they weren’t the easiest guys to deal with. You know how family can be. But at the end of the day, they always made time to gather around the table with grandpa and enjoy a nice family dinner. It’s got to bring a smile to your face and a tear of happiness to your eye.

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