Rubber, Road, Brains and Souls: 5 Killer Car Flicks That Will Never Be Forgotten


Rubber, Road, Brains and Souls: 5 Killer Car Flicks That Will Never Be ForgottenInanimate objects often wriggle their way into horror films. We’ve seen porcelain dolls slaughter naïve victims. We’ve seen video game characters decimate the unsuspecting. And, perhaps the most lifeless menace to brutalize fleeing victims, the evil vehicle.

Four wheels (in most cases) designed to do nothing but obliterate mankind. It’s a petrifying thought when you consider all the deranged drivers behind the wheel these days. Really, how many fatal road rage incidents occur on an annual basis?

And that’s precisely the reason that killer car movies are infinitely more frightening than any other pic focused in on insensible, pulseless antagonists. We know that cars, trucks and motorcycles (this one doesn’t earn mention in this particular article, but look into Rage, a really entertaining indie moto-flick) can lead to instantaneous expiration. We understand that, be it a legitimate malfunction, a drunken fool or a crazed driver behind the wheel, there is very tangible danger that looms about automobiles. That’s real life. That’s an extremely plausible hazard. People die every day die in auto collisions.

Dig on the five greatest killer car flicks below. And please, I implore you to spill your (damn near) guaranteed disagreements, stubborn insistences, and hopefully, other recommendations. I’m a lunatic for this subgenre, and if you’ve got a recommendation to share, I’ll be more than grateful to welcome your thoughts.

Rubber, Road, Brains and Souls: 5 Killer Car Flicks That Will Never Be Forgotten
Number 5 – Duel: The made-for-television film that brought Hollywood powerhouse Steven Spielberg to full attention just so happened to be a deranged feature about a long distance trip that begins as any other, and ends up the shithole of all nightmares. Released in 1971, this has to be one of the earliest showcases of just how extreme road rage truly can be. In fact, I’d bet money a few contemporary madmen that enjoy leaping behind the wheel have probably studied this animal. A slow burn picture that explores a plethora of emotions from our lead, David Mann (played by Dennis Weaver), Duel works wonderfully into a strained thriller that lacks no action and offers the ideal payoff. Loaded with a leaden dose of mystery, terror and even sympathy, it’s near impossible to not find yourself entirely engaged in what is one of the finest direct-to-the-small-screen productions ever released.

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