The 10 Best Netflix Original Thrillers Of All Time, According to Ranker

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The good people at Ranker set out to rate the best Netflix original thrillers. They also made that difficult feat even tricker by allowing people to vote. So, it has become a very cool living document I’m obsessed with. It also led to an almost unbeatable list of Top 10 Movies, at least, at the time of writing this article. Check out these ten titles and see if any of them might keep you up this week.

10. Cam (2019)

A cam girl must fight to reclaim her identity from her doppelgänger. Her quest lands her in a world of deception, betrayal, and the darkest corner of the internet. This twisty movie definitely belongs on the list, and we’re happy the people at Ranker start off strong.

9. Rattlesnake (2019)

A scared mother makes a bargain to save her daughter’s life in this supernatural thriller. This suspenseful tale had audiences in a chokehold right until the final twist. 

8. Shimmer Lake (2017)

A small-town sheriff must piece together what led to a recent bank heist gone wrong. This crime thriller is told in reverse order and stars Wyatt Russell and Rainn Wilson. If you’d like a side of extra betrayal with your thrillers, you should hit play now.

7. Gerald’s Game (2017)

Someone dies when a couple decides to spice things up in the bedroom. This is by far one of the most talked about Netflix originals. Possibly because it’s a Stephen King adaptation. Or maybe because of the terrifying situation. It could also be both.

6. The Babysitter (2017)

A kid discovers that his favorite babysitter is much more than meets the eye in this comedic thriller. If you love Samara Weaving as much as the rest of us, you might want to check this Netflix moment out. The sequel is also available on the streamer if you’re a completionist. 

5. Extraction (2020)

A mercenary is recruited to save a crime lord’s son. This pulse-pounding thrill ride gives you extra time with full-time charmer and part-time actor Chris Hemsworth. If you like this one, you should pair it with the sequel that dropped earlier this year and it also lives on Netflix.

4. The Ritual (2017)

A group of friends run into big-time evil in the wilderness while trying to pay their respects to a deceased pal. Ranker is dark-sided for including this tense, pagan ritual-filled thriller. Dark-sided.

3. Fractured (2019)

A man awakes from an accident to a nightmare where he must track down his family in a bizarre medical facility. This movie is three mind games in a trench coat, and most viewers are still yelling into the abyss all this time later.

2. Bird Box (2018)

A mother tries to protect her children from unseen forces. This Sandra Bullock thriller broke every Netflix record that existed and was so popular that it spawned a sequel. I’m surprised the Ranker crowd let it slip to #2.

1. What Happened to Monday (2017)

A set of identical septuplets must find one of their own while avoiding the government, which has mandated that families can only have one child. This anxiety-inducing ride stars Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe, so you already know it’s chaos incarnate. 

If you don’t agree with the list, then you should vote. While there, you can see the rest of the chosen titles too. In the meantime, let me know how many of these Netflix thrillers you’ve already seen at @misssharai.



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