Top 13 Killer Animal Flicks!


Sharks, dogs, rats, snakes, even earthworms. Any one of them (being big enough, or with enough of their friends) can kill you dead…quickly. The animal world is pretty much a bastard with big teeth and an insatiable appetite waiting to eat whatever lesser life form comes across its path. Piranha 3DD is the newest reminder of that.

Everyone loves their favorite pet and can’t get enough of happy little penguins or otters or other cute creatures, but the truth is animals can be simply brutal. Just keep that little fact in the back of your mind the next time you bend down to pet a strange dog. Snap! Goodbye nose. With that in mind, and with Piranha 3DD hitting the open waters, isn’t it only fitting that we would take a look back at the Top 13 Killer Animal Films of All Time?!?!

Of course we mustn’t forget our honorable mentions! Who could forget such great animalistic frights like Wolfen, Of Unknown Origin and Mulberry Street? Some great animal horror films have that element of humor that bring a whole different form of entertainment to the story like Sharktopus (a personal guilty pleasure) and Snakes on a Plane. But perhaps the most effective animal attack films are the ones that take place in the water, where we are at our most vulnerable, such as Rogue and Deep Blue Sea. But those are just the HMs! Now dig in (in no particular order…but honestly most of the better ones are near the end) to the Top 13!

Top 13 Killer Animal Flicks!
Piranha (1978)
Might as well start right here, the film that was the original inspiration for this new series of Piranha 3D films. Joe Dante directed this bastard child of Jaws that took the aquatic threat out of the ocean and put it into the river, thus expanding the number of people certain to be freaked out. For some reason whenever the government begins experimental weaponization of anything, calamity ensures and Operation: Razorteeth was no different. Let’s see…combine man-eating fish with government intervention. Bad idea. This horrifically bloody, edge-of-your-seat adventure is campy and fun and makes you think twice before dipping your tootsies in even the most serene bodies of water. Nom nom nom.

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