Our Favorite 10 Good Bad Movies


There’s a difference between guilty pleasure films and good bad movies. Guilty pleasure flicks really have next to nothing in the way of redeeming qualities, while good bad movies are generally loaded with awesome terribleness.

The following 10 films fall into the latter category, so if you’re on the prowl for a good bad movie, we’ve got you covered!

Van Helsing

Plan 9 from Outer Space
A longtime holder of the title “worst film ever made,” Plan 9 from Outer Space is actually a blast. From the flimsy set designs to the silver painted paper plates to the over-the-top-acting and nonsensible plot points, it’s all ridiculously charming. There’s just something special about seeing Vampira shuffling around, and truth be told, it’s impossible to not appreciate one last look at Bela Lugosi. The movie doesn’t make much sense, but holy shit is it fun!

Van Helsing
The CGI is terrible, the acting borders on embarrassing. Van Helsing is suddenly a ruggedly handsome superhero. And Dracula… well, that was a disgrace if ever there was one; no one less appropriate has ever been cast in that iconic role. Despite these flaws, there’s a breakneck pace to the film that feels quite thrilling. Sure, it’s a shit-heap of a film, but a few beers will have you thinking this is the future of Universal monster mayhem.

Where do you even start with Sharknado? A tornado brings a slew of man-eating apex predators to land. They fly, they boast a tireless hunger, and they’re susceptible to the wily ways of every B-movie star in the book. I suppose that’s a good starting point… and ending point.


Idle Hands
Once upon a time I believed Idle Hands was a good flick. And then I returned to the picture and discovered how terrible the dialogue is and how preposterous the concept of the film is. Those are high hurdles to clear. However, future viewings will ensure that I place my interest in the picture’s greatest strength: the inclusion of Jessica Alba. How can a movie be terrible with that lovely lady in a leading role?

The decision-making in Fear is so unbelievably ridiculous it can easily take you out of the viewing experience. Mark Wahlberg wasn’t even remotely near the refined performer he is now, which led to a series of cringe-inducing scenes from the focal maniac. But the problems stretch far beyond acting and shitty parenting. These young high school ladies spend plenty of time in adult establishments getting frisky with guys that look 15 years their elders. And poor Steve Walker – father to Reese Witherspoon’s Nicole… he’s just a sad helpless daddy who can’t even protect his daughter. At least that roller coaster ride saved this one from disaster!


The Island of Dr. Moreau
It’s easy to understand why The Island of Dr. Moreau (remake, mind you) ended up such a train wreck. Marlon Brando decided to be a diva and pushed to have his lines essentially axed, opting to improv a staggering portion of the film. And Val Kilmer wasn’t one to be out-diva’d: Kilmer complained constantly after failing to get his part radically reduced. Hell, he even went so far to declare supporting characters and their dialogue irrelevant. Two divas, a lot of crazy man-animal hybrids… and still the movie is an unexplainable blast.

Maximum Overdrive
For my buck, Maximum Overdrive was a blast of the movie. I carry some fond childhood memories of the pic, but a later-in-life return illuminated a few of the problems that Stephen King had directing the flick. Interestingly enough, dialogue is a big issue. Of course, there’s also the fact that no one can seem to outmaneuver a massive big rig… that’s not all too believable. And the pacing… well, the pacing could use a little help. Outside of that 10-minute intro when all the shit starts to hit the fan… things get ugly. But guess what? Most of us still love that ugliness!

Jennifer’s Body
Jennifer’s Body probably caught the worst rep – aside from Plan 9 from Outer Space – on this list. Interestingly enough, it’s easy to look beyond the cliché story foundation, and it isn’t too tough to laugh at Megan Fox’s outrageous one-liners. They’re juvenile and they’re snotty, but they’re also often quite hilarious. I can’t call Jennifer’s Body a true good movie, but I will – with pride – declare this one an awesome bad movie, and if you can’t find pleasure in staring at Megan Fox for 90 minutes… well, something may be wrong with you.

How has no one come to the realization that giant snake movies stink? Of all the massive animal versus man movies, the ones with snakes just don’t work. They never look real, they always look overly cartoonish, and we’re left to view them as B-movies, no matter how hefty the budget. Enter Anaconda… sure, the movie’s got terrible elements to it, like John Voight’s indecipherable accent (seriously, what the fuck is that?), a mountain of bad decision-making, and a few hokey looking set pieces. But how can you be mad at a movie that leaves Jennifer Lopez dripping wet and casts the awesome Ice Cube as the one man with his head on his shoulders? Anaconda is a pretty terrible flick, but it’s also terribly enjoyable.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Killer Klowns from Outer Space is widely considered a cult classic among fans of our ilk. I certainly fall into that batch of fans, but I am an honest guy, and if I’m being honest – Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a technical disaster with a ludicrous premise. The clowns themselves are so goofy they surpass humorous. Then there’s the cotton candy assault which… I don’t think I’d mind being involved in. Cocoon me up in that sugary greatness! The characters are constantly fumbling over themselves, and no one has any idea how to handle this problem, but I suppose that could be accurate. I know my local PD wouldn’t be prepared to confront alien clowns…



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