5 Kick-Ass Stephen King-Inspired Short Films


Stephen King fan films are so common you’ve got to sort through the lazy, three-dollar invested shorts in search of those few rare beauties that actually get it quite right. Believe this: There are a number of engaging King fan films, but we wanted to share with you five of the absolute best Stephen King-inspired short films!

“Autopsy Room 4”


“Autopsy Room 4” could easily be considered a cheater’s pick here, as it was actually part of the short-lived “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” mini-series. But, cheater pick or not, this one hasn’t been seen by all too many, and that generated the inspiration to add the short to the list. It’s wonderfully shot, features some refined performances, and even sees Richard Thomas – who played a grown Bill Denbrough in the 1990 made-for-television rendition of IT – once more return to King’s world. And it’s a fine return, just as this is a fine film that reminds us we can’t always trust medical professionals… they just might miss a snake bite and confuse your paralyzed body for an ice-cold corpse.

Rainy Season

This is a tricky one here because the film won’t be available to watch until the gang has wrapped its festival run. But rest assured… we do have some quality footage for you in the form of a trailer. It should spark some interest in the picture. And as for the picture itself, I was fortunate enough to screen it earlier this year; and it is a terrific indie production with solid performances and a strong climax. I wasn’t familiar with King’s short story “Rainy Season,” but you can bet I’ll keep my eyes open for it in the future; this short sold me.

The Talisman

This is actually a demo scene as opposed to the typical condensed fan flick, but it also happens to be a personal favorite on this list. The visuals are amazing – a clear sign that a director, an editor, and a cinematographer had a vision, the funds, and the skills to create a captivating piece. This isn’t hyperbole either; just watch the video – it’s terrific, and yes, that’s Cameron Bright of X-Men: The Last Stand fame. A polished effort, I tell you: Watch it!

Sweet: American Vampire

Titled Sweet, this is actually something of a spin-off tale to the unanimously adored American Vampire. Just obtaining that sliver of information, it was obvious this was a film to track down as American Vampire is nothing short of genius. The Old West settings rock, we get to meet a memorable personality or two, and there’s not only a villain to force the fecal matter from your body, but also some surprisingly impressive visuals effects.

The Grey Matter
This is another of the featured shorts in our lineup that looks better than half of the indie full-length films you see hit the market. Visually it’s just a treat, but it’s also not really for the weak of stomach… or heart. On top of the smooth story, polished performances, and solid set pieces, we also get just the kind of gore that will put an ear-to-ear grin on those who crave blood and guts… and brains! The Grey Matter is a standout on this list.

The Man Who Loved Flowers
Wonderfully shot and well edited, The Man Who Loved Flowers is a gift to the genre junkies. If you haven’t read the story, you’re in for an amazing tale; and though this may be somewhat rare, I think the short film format was the absolute perfect way to go with this story. Keep an eye out for a dramatic and dark twist as the film edges toward conclusion. If you think you know where it is headed, prepare to have your mind blown!

Did we miss one of your favorites? Don’t hesitate to share!

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