YouTube: Horror in Less Than 15 Minutes


I am not a religious person. I don’t fear iconography or the idea of purgatory. That being said, this is designed to be the visual and audio depiction of purgatory… and it creeped me the hell out. Dining Room or There is Nothing on the David Earle channel has a challenge attached. Play it as many times on a loop as you can (that is how it’s designed to be viewed) and see how long you can go without getting so uncomfortable or creeped out that you finally turn the damned thing off. Just stare at the screen. Really look. Let yourself hear it. Then creep out and turn the computer off. Don’t worry. I won’t tell.

I will start this section by saying I’m fairly pissed off at you for ruining bed for me for the night, Drew. Daywalt Horror: Bedfellows can be found on the Drew Daywalt channel, and it is a screw job and a half. It plays on simple comfort. Knowing who’s with you. The safety of your bed. Once you’re all settled in, it pretty much pulls that rug right out from under you. Sweet dreams.

I saw Ghost Girl; Car Crash on nirvanastrikes years ago and really loved it. It’s creepy and cold. European vacationers are driving down the road and find a hitchhiker in need of help. She’s too quiet. She’s giving directions to unfamiliar travelers. They don’t (at first) seem to see how this can go wrong. If you are familiar with urban legends, you will see where this is going, but it’s very cool and well done all the same. Just one more reason to stop for no one. I’ll keep this one in mind on vacation next year.

I mentioned earlier I am in love with these super short, two-sentence style horror stories. Pop Culture Mixology has set them to imagery and music in their Top 15 Scariest 2 Sentence Horror Stories. It isn’t a video per se; it just goes over a lot of my favorite clips and sets them to a crazy creepy backdrop. It elevates the mood when exploring how screwed or horrifying someone can be in 12 seconds flat. This would be great if you love audio books or podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale or The Black Tapes.

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