19 Indie Games You Should Check Out Immediately


13) Monstrum

Have you ever been Ted Hentschke, and wished that not every Slender clone sucked? Well look no further, me, because Monstrum actually kicks ass! Unlike other “avoid the monster” games, Monstrum mixes it up with variable monsters and win conditions. Waking up on an abandoned ship, players scavenge for supplies used to open doors, provide light and distractions, or build towards one of the game’s win conditions. Each of the three monsters has different behavior and hunting patterns, so figuring out which one it pursuing you is crucial. It’s a game of trial and error, and not for the impatient. The AI is genuinely unique, and the cramped corridors make every corner a potentially deadly turn. I’m not a fan of the genre, and even I had a good time with Monstrum.

14) Phantasmal

Have you ever been playing a roguelike shooter, and wished it was entirely insane? Well, Phantasmal is here to warp your definition of reality. This game almost didn’t make the list. It is incredibly buggy, and comes together like a wet jigsaw puzzle with no corners. The models all have that distinctive Unity sloppiness, and hits don’t really seem to connect in any physical way. Still, the game is incredibly unique, and drew me in past the first few runs just to see what it was all about. It’s incredibly difficult, but a forgiving progression system never makes a death feel too frustrating. Package that with the genuinely unique scares you’ll see with each run, and you’ve got yourself a well spent weekend.

15) Dead Realm

Have you ever been hanging around with a group of friends, and wished you were a malicious spirit bent on devouring their souls? Well, Dead Realm is here to fulfil your unspeakable dark desires. At the beginning of each round, one out of the five players will be selected as the monster, who will then seek to reap the souls of the four remaining human players. There are some kinks to work out in the balance, and there are only two game types, but overall the experience is unique enough to warrant a look.

16) Narcosis

Have you ever wondered why you frankly would not have heard of a game if not for meeting the dev team at E3 2015? Well look no further, because Narcosis is criminally underrepresented. A VR designed game involving a man trapped in a dive suit, Narcosis brings a welcome twist to the walking simulator genre. While the dive suit is an impenetrable tank, it is also your coffin. As you move through the underwater locations, you are slowly running out of air. It isn’t the giant crabs that will get you, but the horrors that lurk in the shadows of your own mind. Panic increases oxygen consumption, making your humanity your biggest nemesis. My hands on with the game was a standout of the event, and I was shocked by how gorgeous a game with so small a team looked. It’s a shame that the playable demo was only available at an off-site indie game showcase. This game deserves your attention.




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