Black Horror Freelancers Share Their Experience In The Field

Nope Black Horror freelancers

It’s another February at Dread Central. That means we’ve teamed up with Dread’s own Girl That’s Scary podcast for our third annual Black History Month celebration. We have a constant stream of Black horror content creator interviews, articles, live streams, and panels lined up as usual.  

As part of this year’s panel series, we invited some of our favorite freelance writers to discuss their work, what they would like to see shift in horror journalism, and their experiences as Black writers in a predominantly white space.

Dread Central’s News Writer Sharai Bohannon sat down with Dani Bethea, Mo Moshaty, and Wi-Moto Nyoka to discuss their concerns, hopes, and experiences as Black freelance writers. Watch the panel below, and follow our guests to keep up with their amazing work. 

Watch the full panel below:

Click here to see the full schedule of Black History Month special events. 



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