6 Chaotic Mini-Series That I’m Swiping Right On ASAP

As some of you might’ve noticed, I enjoy a little TV with my breathing. What you might not know is that commitment scares me almost as much as children. This is why I love the unsung heroes known as mini-series. There’s something about putting on a show with limited episodes and losing a good chunk of a day.

Unlike a regular series, you don’t have to worry about it being canceled when it gets good. You also don’t have to worry about it expecting you to come back every week indefinitely. More importantly, it’s longer than a movie but broken up into easily digestible sections. I love knowing that I, my TV blanket, and my tea have a set amount of time to take a journey, see some weird shit, and get on with my life.

While my other friends are making more permanent commitments, I’m committing to a few hours of creepy shenanigans on a pretty regular basis. I guess all heroes don’t wear capes or get a party where they leave with a blender, though. Anywho, here are the 6 miniseries I plan to swipe right on this season.

Ghoul (2018)

Where You Can Watch: Netflix


A mysterious prisoner being interrogated by the military exposes the secrets of his captors and unleashes a demon. The ghoul is based on a creature found in Arabic folklore which is not something we get a lot of. I know next to nothing about this show other than it looks bloody and is on Netflix. It’s also three episodes and set in “near-future India.” I love a short-term commitment and I can usually be found losing my absolute shit for international horror movies and TV. This is most definitely a “say less” situation for me and I will probably be hitting play the second I turn this article in.

Harper’s Island (2009)

Where You Can Watch: Pluto TV


People gather for a wedding on an island known for being the location of a series of murders. Unsurprisingly, the guest list starts thinning as people start getting murdered again. I have no idea how this one never made it onto my radar until now. Although, I’m happy I found it now because it’s giving me hints of Slasher: Flesh & Blood when I need it most. The cast also has some WB regulars like Christopher Gorham (Popular) and Jim Beaver (Supernatural). While I don’t love a miniseries that reminds me how old I am, I did love those two actors and am happy to see them on the same murderous island. 

Rosemary’s Baby (2014)

Where You Can Watch: Amazon PrimeThe Roku ChannelTubi, and Youtube


Ira Levin’s novel gets a more modern retelling done in a four-hour mini-series. We get to see Rosemary (played by Zoe Saldana this time) navigate the sus neighbors, trash husband, and demonic pregnancy in a new millennium. Not going to lie, critics and friends tell me it’s not great. However, I didn’t live for the original movie and am just not a fan of the original’s director. If I can see another attempt at what seems like a solid story then consider me there. Worst case scenario, reading the book is still on my to-do list and I only lose four hours. I used to waste four hours in Target before 2020, so easy peasy. 

The Secret of Crickley Hall (2012)

Where You Can Watch: Amazon PrimeHulu, and The Roku Channel


After their son goes missing, a family moves into a house where unexplainable events happen. This three-episode mini-series was just the right amount of “huh?” and great acting. The cast list includes Suranne Jones and Maisie Williams as a mother and daughter facing ghosts and grief. While it’s not as scary as I wanted it to be, it was a fun watch that I might revisit while it’s streaming. I can also safely recommend it to my other lovers of British Horror TV.

The Stand (1994)

Where You Can Watch: Youtube


A deadly plague kills all but a small band of survivors that must face off in the ultimate battle of good versus evil. I know we’re all plagued out but I thought this was a pretty solid adaptation of a book I loved as a tween. Now that Youtube has it, I’m looking forward to revisiting it as an adult and seeing if any of it holds up. If you want to skip this one, you can watch the newer version on Paramount+. I’ve heard mixed things about it and have yet to check it out. However, even I can see it would be a pretty sweet binge to do them back-to-back.

Storm of the Century (1999)

Where You Can Watch: YouTube


A dangerous stranger shows up as a town is hit with a blizzard that cuts them off from the rest of the world. I know I’ve used this one before, but it’s my favorite Stephen King story ever filmed. The acting, the dialect work, the drama, the secrets, and the broadcast TV kind of violence hits all of the perfect notes. It’s also really excellent for this winter weather as you curl up with your warm beverage of choice. I cannot stress enough how this four-hour investment is worth your time. Take advantage of it while it is on Youtube!

Let me know if you’re also swiping right on any of these at @misssharai.



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