Mistrick : A Short Feast for the Eyes

After putting in some solid time into Tied Up last week, browsing through itch.io and RPGMaker.net turns out there is ALOT of quality-looking RPG maker games out there right now. My eyes were immediately drawn to a few. Mistrick was at the top of the list with its wicked-looking style and enchanting music.

Mistrick sees you playing as John Blanc, a narcissist convict who got imprisoned for kidnapping a boy he loved at his school. John somehow gets trapped in a pocket dimension, not remembering being imprisoned. At the start of his stay in this dimension, he gets greeted by his former cellmate, who was previously executed for being a serial killer Chase Colt.

Chase starts by lying to John, telling him he is also dead to keep him in this weird dimension. Our main objective is to escape from this world because things here are scary and violent.

Things take a turn almost immediately after leaving the room that Chase is in. You are quickly put into the world. One of the first rooms you come across is this weird clown playground area with this creepy doll who lays out the truth. Don’t interact with anything is the advice the doll gives, and let me be the one to tell you. LISTEN TO HER. Even though there are some wild things you’d have to be crazy not to want to interact with, like a sparkling peacock looking thing, a weird not even face but just eyes and a mouth that calls herself Claire, and a slide that is someone’s head is the only way I can describe it, well a mix between someone’s head and that one slide from Final Fantasy VII.

The story in Mistrick is a weird, funny jaunt through this other world where everything wants to kill you while also looking like some stuff right out of an acid trip. I don’t really understand the significance of the intro. Apparently, a shortened version of another game from creator Hatoge called Misfiction, which I will be checking out.

A solid point to the story is a hidden ending after collecting all thirteen deaths, which I will go searching for. There is a walkthrough included in the download for those that just want to go through and experience the story without having to try and figure things out. Not only that, but this is also a game that you can run from your browser over at itch.io.

The fact that Mistrick was made in only a month during Yandere Jam 2022 is impressive. Game jams have always been intriguing to me because the amount of remarkable stuff made in such a short time is outstanding. Boasting three endings, with only around sixty to forty minutes a playthrough, Mistrick is an easy game to recommend to anyone.

Just to be sure we are all on the same page. Yandere is an archetype used to define a character whose love, admiration, and devotion are so strong that it is expressed as an excessive obsession and possessiveness. Being somewhat new to the concept myself, the few times I have seen this archetype, it is generally done through the yandere being crazy in love with someone.

If you want to check out Mistrick, check it out over at itch.io and check out its semi-prequel Misfiction. Also, you can find out more about developer Hatoge on Twitter. Hatoge loves fan art and asks that if you create any, to send it to him so he can share it.

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