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If you lived here, you’d be in hell already.


So you’re looking to buy some property? I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the market is particularly vicious right now. Not to worry. Here at Nightmare Realty, we specialize in finding that diamond in the rough, the creepy structure with tons of potential. Maybe it’s a former mortuary you can turn into a cozy bed and breakfast! Or perhaps an abandoned slaughterhouse perfect for the vegetable garden/pet cemetery combo you’ve always dreamed of! Or maybe a haunted lighthouse you can transform into a… Ah! You’re searching for your forever home! Well, look no further than Amityville on Long Island’s South Shore! We happen to have a listing for a classic fixer-upper on the waterfront that’s just dying for you to move in!

High Hopes is a rambling old Dutch Colonial on Ocean Avenue in Amityville with tons of personality! It’s a gorgeous three-story home with a finished basement, terrace, and detached boathouse! From gleaming eye-like windows on the top floor, you can look out over the Great South Bay during a thunderstorm and wonder if there’s an unseen presence in the spacious room with you! Some find these windows to be a bit demonic, but we here at Nightmare Realty love a little structural charm.

This house does have a troubling past though. A tragic mass murder in 1974 has given the home a bad reputation. But we assure you, houses don’t have memories. It’s a good thing, too, because this house has also had quite a few owners over the years. Most of them are nice young families hoping for a bargain. In the spirit of full disclosure, there are a few events we need to tell you about. Let’s browse through previous listings to find out more about this beautiful home’s storied past. 

The Amityville Horror (1979)

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Newlyweds George (James Brolin) and Kathy (Margot Kidder) Lutz are in the market for the American Dream. They move in with Kathy’s three children despite the knowledge that their new home was the scene of a tragic mass murder just a year before. Though it’s outside their budget, George moves his small business into the drafty basement and they decide to try to make it work. A large home at such an affordable price seems too good to be true! And it is.

Almost immediately after moving in, strange occurrences begin to haunt the family. While trying to bless the space, Kathy’s priest Father Delaney (Rod Steiger) is driven from the home by hordes of flies and a disembodied voice commanding him to GET OUT! A black bubbly substance pours out of the toilets, the phone lines are frustratingly inconsistent, and George can’t seem to warm up. Things take a turn for the worse after family friends find what appears to be a passageway to hell in the drafty basement. Fearing that George is about to commit another mass murder, the Lutz family flees in the middle of the night leaving all of their belongings behind. 


This house is just full of suburban charm! It’s a lovely fixer-upper with a wood-burning stove and three full bedrooms each containing the unquiet spirits of their former occupants! The first-floor sunroom is buzzing with the essence of a charming fly-filled garden! The primary bedroom has a gold-brushed mirror perfect for practicing ballet while partially clothed. And the living room comes equipped with a tacky stone lion that might just come to life after dark!

Self-slamming windows can be handy for curtailing childish pranks; all without breaking a single bone in your kid’s hand! Self-decorating rooms fix crooked crucifixes saving you hours of time with the level. But you’ll die for all the extra storage space in the basement’s spare red room. With just a few swings of a sledgehammer, you’ll find a bright enclosure complete with an ominous apparition of your handsome husband. This breezy area can serve as a storage space, a spare bedroom, or the passageway to hell! Fresh red paint will make this the festive center of your new home. 


Huge potential for lucrative franchise development. 

Amityville II: The Possession (1982)

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A year before the Lutzes flee Ocean Avenue, Anthony (Burt Young) and Delores Montelli (Rutanya Alda) move their four children into the Amityville-based home. Delores hopes a fresh start will curb Anthony’s abusive habits and mend his tense relationship with his oldest son Sonny (Jack Magner). Unfortunately, a crashing mirror, phantom knockers, and faucets that spew blood only exacerbate the tension. While alone in the house, Sonny is stalked then possessed by a mysterious force coming from a secret room in the basement. Under demonic control, he verbally abuses his teenage sister Patricia (Diane Franklin) and pressures her into sex. Yes, really.

On a stormy night shortly after, Sonny murders the entire family by shooting them while they sleep. He’s taken into custody. But family priest Father Adamsky (James Olson) begins to suspect that Sonny’s body may still be harboring the murderous demon. Hoping to save the young man’s soul and to atone for not taking Patricia’s reports of abuse seriously, Father Adamsky orchestrates a jailbreak. He returns Sonny to the scene of his possession in hopes of exorcising the demon. 


This house is perfect for a growing family. Complete with mirrors that follow you down the hall and windows that open on their own then nail themselves shut when your back is turned, it’s perfect for keeping tabs on troublesome children. The second floor has an inspiring arts and crafts room that specializes in bringing out the artistic abilities of timid little ones. Your kids don’t like to paint? No problem! These walls paint themselves with quirky animals and insulting phrases.

The top floor bedroom has a beautiful view of the waterfront, perfect for older children hoping to find some privacy. Just make sure to keep an open-door policy, if the house will let you. This home is also dedicated to gun safety. With advanced rifle floating technology, unseen hands will remove a deadly weapon from the hands of your murderous teen son. You may want to steer clear of him during thunderstorms, though. And last but not least, a cavernous basement chamber is perfect for playing pranks on your mom and storing all those dismembered arms you have laying around!


This house bears a suspicious resemblance to the home seen in The Exorcist.

Amityville 3-D (1983)

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Seasoned reporter John Baxter (Tony Roberts) moves into the spacious Amityville home after busting up a fake seance ring on assignment for Reveal Magazine. He initially buys the property as an investment opportunity and a place to stay until his divorce is finalized. But sensing a deeper story, invites his friend Dr. Elliot West (Robert Joy) to study its paranormal phenomena. They discover a hellacious well within the basement that may have undue influence over time and physical reality.

John’s partner Melanie (Candy Clark) begins to worry when an ominous picture she takes on the grounds appears to predict the death of its real estate agent. Ignoring Melanie’s warnings, John moves into the home along with his teenage daughter Susan (Lori Loughlin). She and her mischievous friend Lisa (Meg Ryan) get to know the house with a seance and afternoon boat ride that unfortunately leads to Susan’s tragic death. Having first feared the house, John’s ex-wife Nancy (Tess Harper) becomes obsessed with its power to resurrect her beloved daughter and mend her broken marriage.


This house is a paranormal investigator’s dream. An open concept living room will allow you to move your fake seance operation onto the property. You too can scam grieving parents with only a black light, a painted wig, and a fishing pole. Your teen children will want to entertain their friends in an attic that’s perfect for Ouija board sessions. Board included! Just be careful what you ask the spirits.

Advanced photo technology allows any pictures snapped on the grounds to predict the future, specifically how you will die. A single buzzing fly will keep you company on the long nights alone while you sign your divorce papers and a luminescent orb will guide you through the house if the power happens to go out. Not that there are any electrical issues with the house. In fact, it’s cooled by a basement hell cauldron that just might have the ability to bring your daughter back to life. But fair warning, this hell well may try to use emotionally manipulative apparition to kill your soon to be ex-wife. Perhaps adding a stylish fence or a child-proof gate will help?

We should let you know the house sustained slight structural damage when the winds of the underworld invaded the home looking for more souls to pull into its icy depths. But protective 3D glasses should keep you safe from all the flying glass shards and pieces of broken furniture. A frozen swordfish taxidermy piece can be used to escape the living room in a pinch; stylish and handy!


Frequent visits from Aunt Becky and an edgy teen Meg Ryan! 


May contain an abundance of 80s 3D sight gags.

The Amityville Horror (2005)

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In an astounding coincidence, another young couple named George (​​Ryan Reynolds) and Kathy Lutz (Melissa George) moves to Amityville with their three children hoping for an idyllic life in suburbia. They stretch their budget to purchase the stunning house on the river and relocate George’s home office to save on rental fees. But the house is haunted by the spirit of a little girl named Jodie (Isabel Conner), murdered by her older brother Ronnie Defeo a year before the Lutzes move in. Jodie coaxes youngest daughter Chelsey (Chloë Grace Moretz) into increasingly dangerous stunts hoping to cause the child’s death and gain herself an infinite playmate.

Meanwhile George can’t seem to warm up in the house and finds himself waking up at 3:15 every morning. He’s developed an obsession with chopping wood as well as an unsettling temper. While Kathy investigates the home’s troubling history, George finds a basement torture chamber filled with the spectral victims of a murderous puritan named John Ketcham. These forces compel George to kill Kathy and the children during a thunderstorm. But they are once again able to subdue him and flee the home, leaving their possessions behind and their family intact. 


The hottest house on the market! Authentic decor and shabby chic upgrades will give you that hot 70s style you’ve always wanted. A backyard woodchopping station offers both cardio and repetitive motion training perfect for sculpting the chiseled pecs of your dreams! A handy 3:15 AM alarm clock will ensure you never miss ab day!

Have kids? A friendly playmate who lives in your daughter’s closet will keep her company while you’re running errands and helpful ghosts will lurk behind your kids on those midnight trips to the bathroom. Interactive magnets on the fridge spell out charming little phrases to brighten your day!

This house also contains Bad Babysitter technology. Self-locking doors will trap your scantily clad sitter in the closet, preventing her from telling you a bedtime story that will scar you for life then stealing your KISS poster. Down by the shore, there’s a spacious boathouse with plenty of room for your speedboat and midnight pajama dips in the cool water. You’ll float too among the festive red balloons that appear on special occasions.

A basement woodworking shop is perfect for relocating your home office and creating ominous coffins for each member of the family! You can even save on the cost of furniture by keeping the same beds the former family was murdered in! Sure it’s a little unsettling, but just remember: houses don’t kill people, people kill people. 


Not dog friendly.

Amityville: The Awakening (2017)

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Decades after the infamous Defeo murders, Lutz haunting, and worldwide juggernaut The Amityville Horror franchise, a new family moves into the iconic house. High school senior Belle (Bella Thorne) quickly becomes an outcast at the local school due to her proximity to the infamous haunting. Her mother Joan (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is aware of the house’s rumored power. She’s moved them in hoping to use the demonic forces to bring her comatose son James (Cameron Monaghan) back to life.

This ludicrous plan seems to be working as James slowly begins to communicate with the family. He alternately begs for assisted suicide and threatens anyone who comes near him. This leads Belle and her friends Terrance (Thomas Mann) and Marissa (Taylor Spreitler) to suspect he is being possessed by the spirit of the house. Finally regaining the use of his body, James makes a full but evil recovery. He uses his newfound mobility to reenact Defeo’s original crimes, attempting to murder his family while they sleep. Now it’s up to Belle to save her little sister and the soul of her brother once and for all.


This peaceful home is perfect for rest and recovery. Advanced medical technology and an evil fly can restore the comatose body of a loved one. Just watch out for demonic bed sores. A bounding circle on the property provides a combination rustic security system and stylish burnt ground salt ring circling the property. Ideal for guiding you on refreshing walks in the gardens and for containing murderous spirits.

A secret red room in the basement contains the power to bring your son back to murderous life! Easy to peel wallpaper will make renovating the upstairs bedroom for your Hot Topic loving daughter a snap! A spacious dining room is perfect for alternating between home hospice care and dreams of idyllic family dinners before the awful hands of reality rip them away again. The cozy living room is perfect for an early morning screening of the original The Amityville Horror (meta!). The house comes alive at 3:15 AM making it the ideal time for a Terrance Sandwich! Actually, skip that last part. He doesn’t like the 2005 remake. Also, gross. 


Bella Thorne is rumored to live in the neighborhood. 

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