Our Latest #MonthOfDread 31-Day Horror Challenge Delivers Serious “MAYhem”!

Next month, Dread Central’s turning May into “MAYhem” with our latest 31-day horror challenge!

We’re closing in on a year since we started something new: Monthly themed horror movie challenges. You know what I’m talking about; those lists of daily genre flicks that are a staple of the Halloween season. We didn’t know why monthly movie challenges were, for the most part, confined to October—especially since horror fans live every day like it’s Halloween!

Our first #MonthOfDread had a Horror Heatwave theme for July. It was followed Aquatic TerrorsBack to SchoolEvery Day is HalloweenNovember of the Living DeadThe End is Nigh, Winter HorrorLandHorror is for LoversMonster Madness, and, most recently, we celebrated Asian Cinema April, So, what’s next? Glad you asked!

For “MAYhem” we’re featuring genre flicks with high body counts, extreme violence, and paralyzing pandemonium! Since we’ve featured zombies with an entire month of the undead and apocalyptic movies with The End is Nigh, we’re excluding films where the mayhem goes global, but localized geographies are fair game. We’re also including horror movies that might seem “typical” until a completely batshit conclusion hits us like a ton of bricks!

The idea is to create unique and inspiring curriculums for the truly devoted, so ask yourself: Are you a horror fan who lives every day like it’s Halloween, too? Do you have the gumption and the stamina to consume a new horror movie every day of every month? If so, feast your eyes on our 31-day horror challenge for May below. Let us know you’re joining in the festivities by using our #MonthOfDread hashtag on social accounts when watching these films!

Did your favorite ultraviolent horror movies make the list? What are some other mayhem-laden flicks that deserve a shout-out? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

*Right click images (separated by week) to save and print; you can also see a complete list of films in May’s 31-Day horror challenge at the bottom of the article. Enjoy!

Mayhem week 1 FINAL 1024x576 - Our Latest #MonthOfDread 31-Day Horror Challenge Delivers Serious “MAYhem”!
may 2019 week 2 1024x576 - Our Latest #MonthOfDread 31-Day Horror Challenge Delivers Serious “MAYhem”!
may 2019 week 3 1024x576 - Our Latest #MonthOfDread 31-Day Horror Challenge Delivers Serious “MAYhem”!
may week 4 1024x576 - Our Latest #MonthOfDread 31-Day Horror Challenge Delivers Serious “MAYhem”!
may 2019 week 5 1024x576 - Our Latest #MonthOfDread 31-Day Horror Challenge Delivers Serious “MAYhem”!

May 1st, 2019: Mayhem
May 2nd, 2019: Assassination Nation
May 3rd, 2019: High Rise
May 4th, 2019: The Invitation
May 5th, 2019: The Purge
May 6th, 2019: The Purge: Anarchy
May 7th, 2019: The Purge: Election Year
May 8th, 2019: The First Purge
May 9th, 2019: Frontier(s)
May 10th, 2019: Overlord
May 11th, 2019: The Crazies (2010)
May 12th, 2019: The Wave
May 13th, 2019: The Quake
May 14th, 2019: Mandy
May 15th, 2019: Dead Alive (aka Braindead)
May 16th, 2019: The Raid
May 17th, 2019: The Raid 2
May 18th, 2019: Starship Troopers
May 19th, 2019: Kill Bill Vol 1&2
May 20th, 2019: Blade
May 21st, 2019: Blade II
May 22nd, 2019: Blade: Trinity
May 23rd, 2019: From Dusk Till Dawn
May 24th, 2019: Army of Darkness
May 25th, 2019: RoboCop
May 26th, 2019: Brawl in Cell Block 99
May 27th, 2019: Aliens
May 28th, 2019: Asylum Blackout
May 29th, 2019: Aftershock
May 30th, 2019: The Bar
May 31st, 2019: The Belko Experiment