Metal & Mike: Ten Records To Check Out In 2019

Welcome back to the first installment of Metal & Mike here in 2019! While I’m still blasting all the fantastic releases I got a hold of in 2018, this year looks to be even bigger. There’s going to be an avalanche of outstanding records coming out, bringing metal heads plenty of head banging joy.

From some of the biggest bands in the world, here are the ten records of 2019 you should keep an ear out for!

Body Count

Following their previous LP, Bloodlust, the band has stated their new release will be entitled Carnivore. Body Count has an excellent balance to their work that is both entertaining as it is insightful; there’s no doubt that whatever the band has in store for listeners, there will be lots of thrashing hardcore delight, full of political commentary.


Having just put out the single “Bury Me In Blasphemy”, 2019 looks to be an excellent time for the band’s next LP. Their previous record, Slow Death, was a superb step up in their career, building upon their artistry to display a broader range in instrumental structure. And in good ole Carnifex fashion, the record is sure to contain intimate and haunting lyricism.

Cattle Decapitation

Now three years since the release of The Anthropocene Extinction, Cattle Decapitation are looking forward to putting out their 8th studio album. Given all the madness happening in life, there are plenty of topics the band can dig into for lyrical inspiration. While you’re waiting on their new record, you can check out their recent collection of demos and rare tracks in Medium Rarities.

Children of Bodom

Few bands can match the majestic speed and heaviness of Children of Bodom. Since their debut back in 1997, the band has consistently blown fans away with their remarkable instrumental music; vicious melodies intertwine with blistering drum work and enchanting keyboard playing. Their new record, Hexed, is set to come out this March; from the first single that has been released, the album is sure to be one hell of a ride.


The Deftones make for one of the most extraordinary acts across all of music. Going over their discography, one can see the evolution in their craft and how each LP of theirs has its own distinct identity. With Gore released back in 2016, it’s always tough to guess what Deftones have planned with a new record. That said, the band will find a way to surprise listeners with new material, all while holding onto a core foundation of what makes them unique.

Killswitch Engage

With vocalist/lyricist Jesse Leach once again leading the band, Killswitch Engage is looking to share a new record with fans sometime in 2019. The band’s past two albums blend melody with hardcore instrumentation, making for a stunning presentation of metalcore bliss. Thanks to the band’s powerful and insightful lyrics, it’s easy to say the new Killswitch Engage record will be a moving experience.


It has been ten years since we’ve heard or seen a new record from Rammstein. As Germany’s most prominent industrial metal act, Rammstein has been at the forefront in playing some of the most bombastic live shows in all of music history. With their 7th studio LP on the way, the band will once again be grabbing the attention of the world.

Rob Zombie

Between records and films, Rob Zombie is all over the place. While 2019 is the year we’ll be seeing The Devil’s Rejects sequel, 3 From Hell, we’ll also be getting a new record from Zombie. Throughout his musical career, each new album continues to expand in horror wackiness. Sure to have lots of tongue in cheek humor and delicious industrial rock instrumentation, Zombie‘s new album is sure to bring out all the freaks and geeks.


With the passing of bassist and band co-founder Paul Gray, Slipknot has taken things slowly in releasing work. Their 2014 album, .5: The Gray Chapter, made for an emotional project, having to replace not only Gray but also longtime drummer Joey Jordison. Just this past October the band put out a new single, “All Out Life”; numerous Slipknot members have stated a new record is to be expected in 2019, so prepare for all rage and emotion our boys have to offer.


The Valley, set to release this March, already sounds like a new shift for the band. The two singles that have been released show a more emotional side of Whitechapel; in the vocals, instrumentals, and the lyrics, there’s a more profound sense of intimacy this time around. Whitechapel has never been an act that plays to the same tune, which is proven in how each new record of theirs continues to expand their style. The Valley looks to be an extraordinary experience full of emotion, putting Whitechapel on a whole new level in the world of metal.

Which of these releases are you most excited for? What releases are you looking forward to you didn’t see on this list?



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