Source Name:VarietySource Url:http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118062892.html?cmpid=RSS|News|LatestNewsPost Thumb:/stock/news.jpgThe horror genre is on a never-ending quest to fill every holiday, every area, and yes, every activity with as much macabre mayhem as possible; and that's one of the reasons why we love it so. That

Post Thumb:/stock/twdlogo.jpgGallery Image:'/gallery/lewtemple/lewtemple1x', '/gallery/lewtemple/lewtemple2x', '/gallery/lewtemple/lewtemple3x', '/gallery/lewtemple/lewtemple4x', '/gallery/lewtemple/lewtemple5x', '/gallery/lewtemple/lewtemple6x', '/gallery/lewtemple/lewtemple7x'With great pleasure we sat down recently with actor Lew Temple, who’s currently essaying the role of Axel on AMC’s "The Walking Dead," and what followed was a fascinating conversation with a