Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Rudolf Hrusinsky, Vlasta Caramostova, Jiri Menzel, Ilja Prachar Directed by Juraj Herz Released by Dark Sky Films If you're like me, or most other horror fans out there, there's a good chance you’ve never heard of The Cremator. Until

Starring Tak Sakaguchi, Yoko Fujita, Kentaro Seagal Directed by Yuji Shimomura Hopefully the first of many Japanese/US teamed productions, Death Trance is a notable, albeit slightly atypical entry for the horror-minded crowd, but don't let that deter you. Delivering a positively heady

Reviewed by The FoywonderStarring Vincent Ventresca, Tom Skerritt, Summer Glau, Leila ArcieriDirected by Tim Cox Mammoth is a mastodon sized mess of a movie.It almost pains me to rip on Mammoth since my biggest complaint with most Sci-Fi Channel

Starring Aden Young, Tara Morice, Nadine Garner, Ben Mendelsohn Directed by Geoffrey Wright Released by Subversive Cinema Having just watched Wolf Creek again on DVD, the idea of another Australian thriller was very appealing to me, especially one that came from mind

Starring Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell, Laurie Holden, Jodelle FerlandDirected by Christophe Gans The town of Silent Hill sits quietly among the mountains. The stores sit empty, the streets vacant, and cars lay about as if frozen in time. Ash