B-Sides: We Accept the Challenge of Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

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At long last! Jon Mikl Thor makes his first – and certainly not last – appearance in the B-Sides. If you’ve ever seen Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, then you know what is coming. Prepare to have your ears blasted and your mind blown. Do you accept the challenge?

The members of Eighties rock band “The Tritonz” head out to a small house in the middle of nowhere to work on their new album and enjoy as much nookie as possible – but demons from the depths of hell have been unleashed. Bodies are possessed. Rubber puppet monsters attack. To save the world from the forces of evil, lead singer Triton experiences the power of Greyskull and is reborn as The Intercessor: a caped, leather bikini-wearing glam rock He-Man with a head of hair that can only be described as the be all, end all of 1980 hair metal fros.

It can only be the 1987 cult classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare.

At least a quarter of Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare’s running time is devoted to Canadian actor-rocker Jon Mikl Thor and his Tritonz band mates recording new songs for their latest album. Only one of those songs plays when Triton becomes The Intercessor and wrestles with demonic puppets that hurl rubbery ninja starfish. That song is entitled “We Accept the Challenge”.

This weekend’s B-sides presents to you Jon Mikl Thor’s “We Accept the Challenge” in all its Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare glory cheering his triumph as he wages war with the rubbery, unarticulated minions of Satan. The greatest seven minutes you will see all day. Behold!

B-Sides: We Accept the Challenge of Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

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