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Pretty Little Liars Summer School
May 13, 2024
From odes to the slasher genre to the main group’s chemistry, ‘Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is some of the best teen TV out there.
Interview With The Vampire
May 1, 2024
‘Interview With The Vampire’ season two may just be one of the best series of the year. Read Kaiya Shunyata’s review on Dread Central.
Under The Bridge
April 19, 2024
‘Under The Bridge’ expertly weaves together an authentic story about Canada, its justice system, and teenage boredom.
April 19, 2024
Featuring incredible cinematography and a career-defining performance from Andrew Scott, ‘Ripley’ is a triumph.
True Detective: Night Country
March 22, 2024
From ‘The Thing’ to ‘Bleed With Me’, these are the best chilly winter horror films to watch after you finish ‘True Detective: Night Country.’
His House Black Horror
February 22, 2024
From ‘Nope’ to ‘Kindred’, Kaiya Shunyata lists the 15 best Black horror films of the 21st century. Read the full list on Dread Central.
December 20, 2023
From its soul-shattering performances to its raw exploration of queer life, Femme is a film that you cannot miss. 
The Curse
November 27, 2023
‘The Curse’ is a blistering look at gentrification and white guilt, yet it still remains funny all throughout.
Jennifer's Body Girl Dinner
November 22, 2023
Get out the fine china because it’s time for Girl Dinner! Kaiya Shunyata looks at the best female cannibal movies horror has to offer.
Interview With The Vampire
September 6, 2023
Kaiya Shunyata explains why genre shows like ‘Interview With The Vampire’ and ‘Dark Winds’ deserve more recognition.
Skinamarink canadian horror 2023
June 30, 2023
From ‘Skinamarink’ to ‘Black Christmas’, these are the 13 best Canadian horror films ever made. Read the full list on Dread Central.
Saw Cary Elwes
June 21, 2023
It’s Pride Month, so naturally Kaiya Shunyata is ranking all of the ‘Saw’ apprentices by how queer they are. Read the full list now.