Vengeance of the Zombies (DVD)

Starring Jacinto Molina as "Paul Naschy", Mirta Miller, Romy, María Kosty, Aurora de Alba Directed by León Klimovsky Distributed by Deimos Entertainment

Exclusive: New Vanguard Trailer

We first told you about the newest zombie flick from the UK, The Vanguard, right here, and we believe there's good cause for buzz! There's no doubt this flick is looking fucking sweet!

UPDATE: Fresh Pics & Trailer From The Edge

UPDATE: We've just added the EoD trailer to our Broadband section. Click here to check it out.

Edges Of Darkness Creeps Forward

We need more zombie movies. More zombie movies with some vampires thrown in! Let's focus less on silly teen thrillers or madmen in masks and concentrate our efforts on some good, old fashioned undead mania. This kind of combo is rarely seen in the horror genre today, and luckily some folks are ready to take a chance with it.

Zombies Fear The Vanguard!

Where have all the good zombie movies gone?

Lussier to Helm Condition Dead

Talk about a freaking wake-up call, wow! Some history, if you will...

Exclusive Zombie Diaries Trailer!

Just a few hours ago we posted an interview with Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates, the writing/directing duo behind the new British horror film The Zombie Diaires. Personally I’d only heard a few things about it before, but reading over this interview got me very psyched to see the movie (read the interview with Bartlett & Gates here).

Bartlett, Michael & Gates, Kevin (The Zombie Diaries)

Zombies are all over the place these days…

Dead Air Cast Expands

Bill Moseley and Pat Tallman will be getting some new company on their latest team-up, Dead Air, which we first told you about right here. Recent additions to the cast include David Moscow (young Tom Hanks in Big), Navid Negahban (Charlie Wilson’s War) and Anthony Ray Parker, aka Dozer from The Matrix (pictured).

Bernsen Directs the Dead

You know zombie movies are becoming uncool when the Dentist wants to direct one...

More Xombie Comic Art

Even though talk of a movie based on Xombie has been all but absent for the last year or so, that hasn’t stopped creator Jamie Farr from coming up with cool stuff for his characters, both living and undead.

New Xombie Comic Cover!

Just got the following image from the folks behind Xombie, which is one of the covers Devil’s Due is working on for their upcoming comic series based on Jamie Farr’s badass online series. With the recently published graphic novel Xombie: Dead on Arrival (review) and now this, it looks like we’re going to be seeing the futher adventures of Dirge for a long time to come.

Screenwriter Talks WWZ

Word come down from last weekend New York Comic Con (via IGN) that "Babylon 5" co-creator Michael will be writing the screenplay adaptation of Max Brook’s very well-received zombie book World War Z (review).

Xombie: Dead on Arrival (Book)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Written by James Farr Published by Epic Level

The Dead are Furious!

What's better than smashing zombies in their friggin' bastard heads with any number of blunt objects? The answer -- NOTHING!